Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Review of 'Bizarre Emotions' by 'Piyush Naik'

Title: Bizarre Emotions
Author: Piyush Naik
Publisher: Red Ink Publishers
Page Count: 174
My rating: 4.5/5

Blurb: The principal of St. Georges school, Rao, announces his retirement. He declares the school will remain off during the new year and a farewell / new year party will be held for three days. On hearing this, every student is happy except Nik, Neha and Sam who are deeply angered. An anger, whose secret is only known to four hearts.
Nik Arora, 19.
Cute, witty and a topper. Yet he failed in 12th grade.
His love is stolen from him.
Sam Mahajan, 18.
Handsome, humorous and a flirt. Yet he fell in true love.
His love betrayed him.

Neha Pathak, 18.
Gorgeous, kind and smart. Yet she believes in true love.
Her love was never true.
The new year of 2010 changed their lives forever and the reason behind it was one man - Rao! now, exactly a year later, the trio decides to change his life forever. They decide to take revenge!
Will the burning past change into a dark future? Will their friendship last forever? Will they be able to take their revenge? Or will the cunning principal outwit them?
Bizarre emotions is a dark tale about love, friendship, heartbreaks, betrayals and vengeance.

Verdict: ‘Bizarre Emotions’ is the second work of fiction by author Piyush Naik. The name suits the content perfectly, the book has indeed bizarre emotions and will have a lasting effect on the readers.

Starting from the cover of the book, I loved it. White is always a gorgeous color to be used on the book cover and here The Book Bakers, the designer has done a great job. I always fish for elements on the cover which will reflect the content and the blood, the revolver, the black rose perfectly does the job. A story of this genre should have a design like this, which will grab the eyes of the readers and will give a hint of the flavor of the content. The blurb is good but it could have been written in a more interesting way which would've attracted more readers. Because I felt the book has a lot more than the blurb offers.

This book has a fresh story line and thrilling ending which helps the book to stand apart from the crowd. The start of the book is wonderful and will instantly hook the readers. I loved the start specially because the author hasn't wasted much time and has jumped directly into the story. The story revolves around three friends Nik, Sam and Neha and the Principal of their school, Mr. Rao. The author has very efficiently jumped into flashback to tell the story of these three friends and why they are seeking vengeance from Mr. Rao. One should always save the best for the end and the author has done the same here. The readers can’t drop the book when it is heading towards the end and the end will leave them awestruck.

There are few scenes which will make the reader’s eyes moist and few scenes which will boil their blood and few which will make them laugh and that is why the name is perfect. My personal favorite though, was the ACP Abhijit and Officer Daya part. The writing style is trendy and goes with the flow of the story. The author has efficiently kept the thrill till the end by his experienced story telling skills. All the chapters ends with a quote and sometimes there are few quotes which will leave the readers thinking about the next event. There are few poems in the book too written by various authors but my favorite one was by Barun Bajracharya.

Talking about the flaws, there are very few things to point out as the drawback of the book. A few printing and editing mistakes is all I can find in the book. And the blurb could have been better. Apart from these the book is a thrilling journey which the readers will enjoy on the edge of their seats.

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