Saturday, 31 January 2015

Remove the barrier of the stone to success with Garnier

When on the road to success and you feel nothing can stop you from winning, a Pimple, can surely be a stoppage. Trust me on this, a pimple can be the full stop to every persons dream be it a man or a woman. Most people, when they hear of pimples, think of women but that is a very wrong conception. Even men can have pimples. I thank IndiBlogger and Garnier for the chance they have given to me or more men like me who can now tell everyone about our problems that we have to face in our everyday life because of pimples.

Everyday bus, train rides. Local transport, the scorching sun, tension, pollution, less time, and oily skin; all these are mere catalysts that ignite the eruption of a pimple on our faces. Being in a field where I have to move every day in and out of office, where mostly I have to stay out of home and finally get not much time to look after my oily skin, my skin becomes really attracted to pimples. And when I have them, it is really painful. Bursting them is not an option because that’s painful and the mark stays.

Keeping them isn’t an option because I am a person whose pimples stay for long. Medications, treatments have their side effects and so choosing them is not an option either. I was looking for a remedy that can take away my pimple problem forever. It was then that I was introduced to the Garnier PureActive Neem Face wash and that surely changed my life and solved all my problems. In the beginning, yes, I was a bit hesitant to use the product as my skin, apart from being oily is very sensitive too; but when on insistence I used the product, I was left really satisfied.

It not only took all my pimple problems away, but also brought a new glow on my face that I am very fond of. The constituents of the product are very pure and ayurvedic with proper neem granules in it which cleanses the skin from deep down and gives a very fresh feel. It doesn’t hurt the skin and it also has a very sweet smell which adds to the credibility of the product. Another very nice fact about the product is that it can be used by any person of any skin type without any side effects. Today, using Garnier PureActive Neem face wash has become my habit and I use it every day for a healthier and cleaner skin.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Review of 'Choked!' by 'Bharath Sarma Rejeti'

Title: Choked! Fight Until You Win
Author: Bharath Sarma Rejeti
Publisher: Partrige
Page Count: 191
My Rating: 4/5

Blurb: What will you do when someone chokes you off?

It happened to him, a victim of a conspiracy. He was all alone, vulnerable, and pitted against the mighty and juggernaut, but being strong was the only option he had. He knew that it would be difficult to win, but quitting the fight would be devastating. He had too many things at stake – a non-negotiable promise, his land, life, and livelihood.

Unrelentingly, he began the revolt with just an indestructible desire to win. It was indeed a war between two unique men – one preferred to confront head-on, and another chose to be invisible. The war was also one of its kind – the victory was not in plotting violence but in terrorising the enemy.

This is the story of a small businessman who was pushed to fight with a corporate gorilla. For more clues on the conspiracy and war.

Verdict: ‘Choked! Fight until You Die’ is the first work of fiction by Bharath Sharma Rejeti. This book has a thrilling journey to offer to the readers which they will enjoy at the edge of their seats.

The first thing that crosses my mind after holding the copy is the cover. I loved the way the name is written on the front. After reading the blurb any reader can easily guess the reason behind the presence of a factory, a setting sun and a bunch of workers on the cover. The blurb gives a perfect outline of the plot and will tempt the readers to read the book.

Aditya Kulkarni, the main protagonist of the book, was living a successful life with his happy family until he finds himself as they prey of a huge conspiracy. He had taken his father’s business to a new level and was doing well and suddenly in one fateful day he finds out that his factory has been taken over by a corporate giant. How Aditya stands up to fight against the ‘corporate gorilla’ as the author says to reclaim his business is what the story is all about. I loved the way the author has strategized the war and slowly moved to his goal. The author successfully keeps the suspense alive till the end and the readers will experience a thrilling read.

The story does total justice to its tagline ‘fight until you die’. The narrating style is easy and very much in the trend now a days. There are few grammatical and editing errors spotted here and there which could have been ignored. I appreciate the author for distributing the story in small and crisp chapters which helps the readers to complete the book in one go.

Talking about the downfall of the book I would say, characterization remains a problem till the end. The author has introduced quite a few characters but hasn’t described them well. The description of the main protagonist, Aditya, was good but the readers will face slight difficulties in visualizing other characters.

Apart from these minor errors, this book has a wonderful plot to entertain all types of readers. A remarkable effort from a debut author and I will surely wait to read the next book of this author for his delightful story telling school.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Proposing my crush on Valentine's Day

The month of February is always special for every couple and I can very well feel the atmosphere unfolding its wings and already spreading the charm of love. I find those people the luckiest who gets the opportunity to propose their love on the grand occasion of Valentine’s Day because I haven’t got that opportunity yet. I am already engaged and had proposed my better half for marriage a year back on a very dull day. So my sincere thanks to the IndiBlogger team for finally giving me the opportunity to plan something on that auspicious day for my fiancĂ© to make her realize how lucky I am to have her in my life.

The first thing that comes in my mind while planning an outing with her is spending time with her which she loves the most. Because of the numerous kilometres between our homes we could not spent quality time together. So the first thing I will plan is to dedicate the whole day to her. As we say we are the most boring couple in the world because of our extreme introvert -ness in each other’s presence, I would concentrate on the small detailing.

She loves chocolates, dark chocolate to be precise, Bourneville to be more precise, so one big Bourneville to start the day and for reminding her the wonderful one year she has spent with me. After picking her up and seeing her smile and clicking a selfie with the Bourneville, I will bring her to my city, my town because she has always wanted to come here, actually she is dying to come here. Except the boring and dull river Ganges, which she finds interesting and romantic, I have nothing to show in my small city, so I would plan a special boat ride on the river. Everything will be arranged on the boat from chocolate cake to the surprise gift, from red rose to romantic songs to build the atmosphere. After reaching the middle of the river the boatman will stop the boat after taking my cue.

I know I can’t plan the next one hour on the boat because if I prepare a speech I will fumble and will end up making that hour funny than romantic. I will try to remind her of all the funny moments we have spent together in the past one year, I will tell her I still remember how many times she hasp kissed me and will ask her to add one more, no actually two more if the boatman is not watching, I will thank her for being by my side and holding my hand and ask her for keep doing this for the rest of her life and will promise her, that I will keep repeating these words each year because I can’t create new words every year. And when she will start giggling with teary eyes I will kiss her. Deep. Long. One kiss that will wash all the painful hours she had to spend because of me in the last one year. I believe I love you is just a sentence but gestures have better effects. 

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