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Review of 'What She says? What he meant?' by Richa Sharma | Aamir Khursheed

Title: What SHE says? What HE meant?
Author: Richa Sharma | Aamir Khursheed
Dream House Publications
Page Count: 248
My Rating: 4/5

Blurb: After 2 years of school completion when school friends sit for fun, playing, ‘Truth & Dare’, the unexpected happens. The epitome of Friendship and Love could not have taken any other worst path. The friend could never be so ingenious and the lover could never be so heartfelt deeply in love. Still, the crowd hears the story of laughs, love, lust changing into cries and yells. As a Beast of Lust, Vivaan ends up losing his best friends and love. Can Angad, his best friend save the relations?? Hear from a girl, ‘What SHE says’ about a boy’s life, ‘What HE meant?’

Verdict: ‘What she says? What he meant?’ is a novel by Richa Sharma and Aamir Khursheed. This book is one surprising package. This book has the capability to entertain all types of readers and teenagers could find the plot and scenes very much relatable.

The cover of the book is pretty average looking and could have been designed in a better way. Though the original models on the front instead of designs or sketches is quite different. I liked the name. It’s different, goes with the content and the name itself is always a problem. The blurb is written in a good way and gives a nice outline of the plot. After seeing the cover and reading the blurb my expectation was quite low and that is why I have said that this book is a surprise package.

The story starts with unrestricted friendship. The way the author narrated the details is appreciable. The story changes its gears after the chapter ‘Game’ and after that there is twists for the readers in almost every chapter. This story has everything from unconditional friendship, true love, lust and of course hatred and the author has mixed everything in the right proportion to make the reading experience entertaining. There are scenes where the readers will throw their heads back in laughter and there are scenes where they will smile with teary eyes. I find the ending a bit odd but not unanticipated.

Sometimes, in some books, which are co-authored, I have seen a common error that the difference in the narrating style of the two authors, were visible in the book and that is, at times, irritating for the readers. I would say this book is wonderfully planned and narrated. The narrating style is easy-going and trendy and goes with a light read like this.

The characterization was good and almost all the characters were described with clarity that helps the readers to visualize scenes in a better way. The author has introduced quite a few characters in this story which I think could have been ignored and the character of Angad was lacking the lime light at times.

There are few printing and editing errors spotted here and there which the publisher should have taken care of. Apart from this I find this book error free and all types of readers can enjoy this book with a cup of coffee in a weekend. Because this book needs less involvement but guarantees entertainment. A nice book in the genre of light reads.

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