Thursday, 5 March 2015

Look Up Stories - Being Optimistic

Finding positivity in almost everything is an art itself. It is easy to see the negative side but tough to see the positivity in the same. All thanks to the team IndiBlogger for bringing yet another wonderful topic for the Happy Hours contest, which makes me sit and think of all those incidents that forces me to think positive.

There are quite a few times and quite a few incidents that filled me with the thought, that if they, in this situation, can look positive why cannot we? I wish I could have the opportunity to write about all the incidents relevant to this.

To narrate the incident or the experience, we have to go few years back. It was early 2011. The year when I found out that life can be more beautiful after seeing her. The love of my life. We were new to each other but after the very first meeting in the Kolkata book fair, it was like we were eagerly waiting for each other. Our love had started to blossom even before the first sight. The first few months went by so fast that I felt someone has suddenly pushed me up in the ninth cloud and I was floating in heaven. The distance between our houses were thirty five kilometres and in the first two months we met almost each day. Either I was present in her area with my bike or she came to my place by bus.

But that was the starting or the honeymoon period as we call it to be. Soon those meetings started to turn into numerous unending phone calls and the phone calls into messages. It was not that the love between us was fading but the distance between our houses was playing the villain. Negativity was gulping me down whenever I saw that my friends spent at least two days in a week with their girlfriends, but I couldn’t. I almost started to think that this relation is not going to work out, not because I don't love her but because I can't restrict myself from meeting her and it was not possible except occasionally.

Then Arjun came to my rescue. A new student got admitted in our accounts batch, named Arjun and soon we found a lot of similarities between us and became good friends. After few days he revealed about his love life and I was shocked to hear that. His girlfriend was living in Guwahati from last two years. He couldn’t even talk with her on a regular basis, let alone meeting. And they are happy with each other.

This inspired me a lot. Here I was crying for not able to see her twice in a week and there a boy was not able to see his love for two long years. This taught me to be optimistic about the whole situation. Arjun taught me to see the positive side of the same where I was noticing the negative only. I have the opportunity to talk to her at least and I started thanking my stars for that.

Like this a lot more incidents are there which forces us to become optimistic. But this is one of the best I have experienced. Later in 2014, we exchanged rings and that girl is my fiancée now.

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