Monday, 19 May 2014

Sita's Curse by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu: A Review

Name: SITA’S CURSE – The Language of Desire
Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
Publisher: Hachette India

The back cover says: Somewhere, behind closed doors, in her solitary world; Somewhere, under the sheets with an indifferent lover; Somewhere, is a woman who will not be denied…
Trapped for fifteen years in the stranglehold of a dead marriage and soulless household domesticity, the beautiful, full-bodied and passionate Meera Patel depends on her memories and her flights of fancy to soothe the aches that wrack her body; to quieten an unquebchable need. Until one cataclysmic day in Mumbai, when she finally breaks free…
Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita’s Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife’s urgent need for love, respect, acceptance – and sexual fulfillment.

On the name and the cover:
The name of the book leaves every reader comparing the book with Sita! Well yes, as the author has asked, ‘Is Sitahood a curse?’ for this answer and for many more, one must read the book.
After the name, the first thing a reader notices about a book is the cover! A bold and beautiful cover of black-white and red combination; and the curve of a woman very well tell every reader the pain and pleasure of every woman! The name and the cover together make the book an instant hit among all the readers.

On the narrating style:
 A very swift and crisp narrating style by the author gives the book a wonderful charm and a great pickup speed! Written in the best way an erotica should be, for this is the first erotica in my list, the narrating style surely catches the attention.

On the story line:
The story of Mrs. Meera Patel; this book is all about her passion from childhood till death where she breaks free from all the hindrances that had ever crossed her way. Never liking the system in which every woman is bound to stay, she loves to explore her passion and confide in every person she meets. What and how does she break free and cross the ‘lakshman rekha’ is what the book is about.

+ Point: The wonderful writing style that keeps the reader attracted to the book throughout.

- Point: At times the book seems a bit too revealing about the life of a woman, though it was necessary but it seems exaggerating at one point of time!

A bold and wonderful projection of the inner passion of a woman helps the book climb up the ladders of success! Yes, a must read book as I may call it for today’s time.


A+ (Excellent)     A (Very Good)      B+ (Good)      B (Average)      C (Below Average)

Note: This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program.

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