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Author Priyanka Baranwal in a chat with Timid Fingers

“In our first interview we have got the author, who chose to write about women safety over regular chick lit, an author whose writing motivated women all over the country, an author who wants to stand apart from the crowd by her writing abilities. Yes we are talking about PRIYANKA BARANWAL, the author of IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.  Here we present a chat with the author Priyanka Baranwal, where she opens up on how she maintains her work with her life, why she had chosen such a subject for her debut book, her view on the ‘name controversy’ and a lot more…”

Q: From  staring  at  your  blog  to  holding  your  own book,  how  it  feels?

PB: It feels fantastic; first of its kind experience. I had always spared myself from imagining the moment during the journey but when it happened, I was speechless. It was a dreamlike sensation to feel my own book in hands. I have also mentioned the same ecstasy in From the Author’s Heart section in the book.

Q: How  important  is  writing  to  you  when  you  are loaded  with  household  chores  in  your  everyday life?

PB: It’s all about managing time. Actually I try to manage my other chores as per my writing schedule not my writing according to the other chores.

   Q: Let’s  talk  about  your  book, what  made  you  write            about  this?  I mean  is  it  the  result  of  humiliation a        woman  has  to  face  now  a  days  or  you  always                   wanted  to  write  about  this?

PB: I had never thought of becoming an author, if truth to be spoken. I have been a writer but authorship came completely out of the blue. On August 26th 2012, Sumit, my husband, encouraged me to write a novel. He has seen my articles online (that I have written being as a freelancer) and he believed that I could also do well in literature world. I was tentative at the moment but nonetheless I started the journey and here I am…an author today.

However my book is a work of fiction yet I tried my best to echo out an issue that’s much in the need of attention i.e. women safety concerns. Given the Delhi Moving Bus Rape Case and other horrible incidents, I was deeply shaken though they happened much later after submitting my manuscript. I just hope my book to reach out to the masses to sensitize people towards women and how important it is to pay respect they deserve.

Q: What  is  the  reaction  you  are  getting  for  this brave  attempt  of  yours?

PB: Very prompt and highly positive. The Hindu has mentioned like this –
"I believe the plot has been written with the intention of making a difference — not just in the lives of women, but everyone, the central theme being to face our fears, emerge victorious over them by never giving up, to keep trying no matter how desolate the future may seem.

Readers have been messaging and mailing me about how much they are in love with the book. In fact, every one of them has said that my book is very inspirational and speaks loads about the issue. I am glad every time I hear such motivational comments.

Because of the plot and readers’ love, It’s Never Too Late has got covered in The Hindu with a realistic and positive review. The book has risen up to Amazon’s bestsellers rank in overall category as well as in Top 100 books in Literature and Fiction. It has also been covered in The New Indian Express Bangalore under Bestsellers. All in all, It’s Never Too Late is getting huge response from people that I had never anticipated.

Q: For  a  debut  writer,  how  tough  it  is  to  get published?

PB: It’s certainly not a child’s task to find a publisher for sure. I myself had faced 2-3 rejections before getting finalized by Srishti Publications. I can’t speak on behalf of others but as I have heard from other sources and on the basis of till date experience, getting published has become rather easier as there are now emergence of good numbers of publication houses who are willing to give generous opportunities to good stories and hence, new authors but still, one has to write good and face the struggle to get published.

Q: How  is  your  experience  to  work  with  such  a  big name  like  Srishti?

PB: A very satisfactory one. I am privileged to be associated with such a big publication house. It needed time for me to understand how publishing industry works. With all the procedures and queries, Mr. Arup Bose and my editor from Srishti Publishers have helped me a lot. I am extremely thankful for the entire team of Srishti for giving me the chance to get published and making my journey easier.

Q: For  your  readers  who  exactly  is  Priyanka Baranwal?

PB: Priyanka Baranwal is a person who believes in giving out her best in whatever she pitches in. She religiously believes in the concept of family and finds eternal peace being with them. Priyanka loves reading, writing, travelling, music and is keen to learn Guitar someday. Coming from a small town Mirzapur, located in Uttar Pradesh, she is a graduate in Science and have pursued Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher’s Training with Specialization in Teaching English from ATI (American TESOL Institute) and, in Textile designing as well. Versatile in achievements, she is also a Freelancer and blogger.

On the regular basis, I am a normal person who loves little perks of life and the challenges. It’s the writing ability that makes me stand apart in the crowd.

Q: Didn't  you  think  of  changing  your  book's  name after  the  so  called  'name  controversy'  just  before the  release  of  your  book?

PB: No. I never had any second thought about changing the name of my book. I gradually came to know that two books can be of similar names if they are generic in use. I also searched on the internet and interestingly found several books listed with the name of It’s Never Too Late. Thus, I never gave a second thought on the title of my book. I had always been sure since then.

Q: Did  the  controversy  help  your  book  to  create  hype?

PB: I was surprised when you asked the above question as I had never talked about the controversy anywhere or in any of my interviews. I only mentioned it once on my facebook author page but I expressed only my shock, grief and uncertainty about such people on why they do it. As for the hype, I did not create anything as such. People who did this, I think, are cheap minded, craved to create hype about their work and surely do not have any faith in their work. May be that is why they wanted to create a hype to publicize their own work. I did not even post anything related to this controversy on any of my official pages. I have always believed in my work and thus, I chose to stay mum and let this horrible experience pass, however, I was very hurt thinking how others can go this much insensitive taking someone’s advantage yet I did not speak ill of them. I just went silent. In the process, my editor helped me to cope with the issue. At last, the culprits had to take back seat as they failed to scare me.

Q: At  the  end  of  your  book  you  have  mentioned a  NGO  named  NWLO (National Women Liberating Organization) and  you  have  also  worked  with  a NGO,  so  is  the  s tory-line  somehow related  to your real life?

PB: No. The NGO that I have mentioned in my book is a complete work of fiction and do not resemble to any other organization/committee in realty or the one I have worked with. The NGO, that I have worked for, promotes disabled children in particular.

Q: So, when  are  we  getting  to  see  more  of Priyanka  Baranwal?

PB: As I am reading Robin Sharma’s The Leader Who Had No Title, it says, uncertainty is a good thing as it sends you out on an adventure. I am also on one such adventure while working on my second project. Unless I am sure of anything, it wouldn’t be wise to speak. So please wait for the right time.

Q:  At  last, congratulations  for  your book!  Hope your  book  gets  its desired  success.

Thank you very much for these wonderful questions and taking out your precious time talking to me. It was great to answer the questions.

Q: Now I would  like  to request  you  to  say  something for our blog  and  to                            
        your readers  too!

The first time I visited Timid Fingers was then when Purnendu had reviewed my book, It’s Never Too Late. Though the blog is simple yet it is always the content that actually connects a reader to the portal. Overall, the blog seems good and (I guess) majorly deals with the reviews of books. Best wishes!

As for the readers, always believe in your dreams and take actions for them. Stay in touch with your loved ones as they are the only people who will never ever walk away from you. And yes…read my book It’s Never Too Late and let me know your views on it.

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