Thursday, 29 January 2015

Review of 'Choked!' by 'Bharath Sarma Rejeti'

Title: Choked! Fight Until You Win
Author: Bharath Sarma Rejeti
Publisher: Partrige
Page Count: 191
My Rating: 4/5

Blurb: What will you do when someone chokes you off?

It happened to him, a victim of a conspiracy. He was all alone, vulnerable, and pitted against the mighty and juggernaut, but being strong was the only option he had. He knew that it would be difficult to win, but quitting the fight would be devastating. He had too many things at stake – a non-negotiable promise, his land, life, and livelihood.

Unrelentingly, he began the revolt with just an indestructible desire to win. It was indeed a war between two unique men – one preferred to confront head-on, and another chose to be invisible. The war was also one of its kind – the victory was not in plotting violence but in terrorising the enemy.

This is the story of a small businessman who was pushed to fight with a corporate gorilla. For more clues on the conspiracy and war.

Verdict: ‘Choked! Fight until You Die’ is the first work of fiction by Bharath Sharma Rejeti. This book has a thrilling journey to offer to the readers which they will enjoy at the edge of their seats.

The first thing that crosses my mind after holding the copy is the cover. I loved the way the name is written on the front. After reading the blurb any reader can easily guess the reason behind the presence of a factory, a setting sun and a bunch of workers on the cover. The blurb gives a perfect outline of the plot and will tempt the readers to read the book.

Aditya Kulkarni, the main protagonist of the book, was living a successful life with his happy family until he finds himself as they prey of a huge conspiracy. He had taken his father’s business to a new level and was doing well and suddenly in one fateful day he finds out that his factory has been taken over by a corporate giant. How Aditya stands up to fight against the ‘corporate gorilla’ as the author says to reclaim his business is what the story is all about. I loved the way the author has strategized the war and slowly moved to his goal. The author successfully keeps the suspense alive till the end and the readers will experience a thrilling read.

The story does total justice to its tagline ‘fight until you die’. The narrating style is easy and very much in the trend now a days. There are few grammatical and editing errors spotted here and there which could have been ignored. I appreciate the author for distributing the story in small and crisp chapters which helps the readers to complete the book in one go.

Talking about the downfall of the book I would say, characterization remains a problem till the end. The author has introduced quite a few characters but hasn’t described them well. The description of the main protagonist, Aditya, was good but the readers will face slight difficulties in visualizing other characters.

Apart from these minor errors, this book has a wonderful plot to entertain all types of readers. A remarkable effort from a debut author and I will surely wait to read the next book of this author for his delightful story telling school.

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