Saturday, 24 January 2015

Proposing my crush on Valentine's Day

The month of February is always special for every couple and I can very well feel the atmosphere unfolding its wings and already spreading the charm of love. I find those people the luckiest who gets the opportunity to propose their love on the grand occasion of Valentine’s Day because I haven’t got that opportunity yet. I am already engaged and had proposed my better half for marriage a year back on a very dull day. So my sincere thanks to the IndiBlogger team for finally giving me the opportunity to plan something on that auspicious day for my fiancĂ© to make her realize how lucky I am to have her in my life.

The first thing that comes in my mind while planning an outing with her is spending time with her which she loves the most. Because of the numerous kilometres between our homes we could not spent quality time together. So the first thing I will plan is to dedicate the whole day to her. As we say we are the most boring couple in the world because of our extreme introvert -ness in each other’s presence, I would concentrate on the small detailing.

She loves chocolates, dark chocolate to be precise, Bourneville to be more precise, so one big Bourneville to start the day and for reminding her the wonderful one year she has spent with me. After picking her up and seeing her smile and clicking a selfie with the Bourneville, I will bring her to my city, my town because she has always wanted to come here, actually she is dying to come here. Except the boring and dull river Ganges, which she finds interesting and romantic, I have nothing to show in my small city, so I would plan a special boat ride on the river. Everything will be arranged on the boat from chocolate cake to the surprise gift, from red rose to romantic songs to build the atmosphere. After reaching the middle of the river the boatman will stop the boat after taking my cue.

I know I can’t plan the next one hour on the boat because if I prepare a speech I will fumble and will end up making that hour funny than romantic. I will try to remind her of all the funny moments we have spent together in the past one year, I will tell her I still remember how many times she hasp kissed me and will ask her to add one more, no actually two more if the boatman is not watching, I will thank her for being by my side and holding my hand and ask her for keep doing this for the rest of her life and will promise her, that I will keep repeating these words each year because I can’t create new words every year. And when she will start giggling with teary eyes I will kiss her. Deep. Long. One kiss that will wash all the painful hours she had to spend because of me in the last one year. I believe I love you is just a sentence but gestures have better effects. 

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