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A Phase Unknown - Woman A Tribute : A Review

First of all, I would like to congratulate Shreyashi Phukon for initiating such a wonderful concept. Efficiently edited and compiled by Sharanya Bhattacharya & Nilesh Gowardhan makes this 16 heart whelming woman oriented stories and poems a perfect show stealer.

The back cover says – I WAS NOT BORN, I came as a Blessing, and you tried to murder me before even letting me see this amazing world. I grew up to Dream, Aspire and Achieve, and you Raped them with my body and soul. I became your wife to Support and Beautify your lives and you Burnt me alive for not filling your room with money. I gave you life, praying for your happiness and success but got tears of helplessness and aloofness in return… Yes, I was a woman, who was born to be Loved, yet got Ditched, Sacrificed and Isolated to Smile, Move On and Forgive. Let’s celebrate the unknown phase of my voyage through a unique amalgamation of 16 stories and poems, dedicated to every “HER” for being a “WOMAN”.

After reading the blurb and the foreword by Vinod Pardhi any reader can surely feel the urge to read the book. Let me start with first write up…

ON WOMEN’S DAY! By Titiksha Singhal
A perfect start to the book. I would like to give thumbs up to the compilers for putting this poem at the very beginning. This poem perfectly narrates the present condition of a woman in our society. The name sounds perfect for this poem. As a debutante author, Titiksha has done a commendable job.

SHE By Raviraj Ramavarapu
The fresh narrating style and the gripping storyline could keep any reader glued to the book. The beginning could have been better but the end of the story forced the readers to ignore the drawbacks of this story. The writers’ well chosen words reflect his grip on the language.

A wonderful story with a perfect description style. I love the way the writer portrays the character of ‘Chhamiya’. The way the writer has described the main protagonist’s emotions, add to the glamour of the story. This story is definitely going to be one of the best of its series.

WITH LOVE… YOUR MOM By Riitik Babbar
This story has created an impact on readers with its beautiful and emotional tale. It will bring a smile on every reader’s face and will make reader’s cry till the end. The way the writer has written the write-up in the form of a letter seems captivating to a reader. Keep up the good work.

ENDEAVOUR By Ayushi Sharma
A unique storyline is chosen by the writer. The humiliation faced by a Taliban woman is definitely a touching tale. The narrating style is very much in the trend now. A few well-chosen words and a few more descriptive scenes could take this story to new height.

A nice topic chosen by the poet. This poem wonderfully describes the feeling of an unborn, the unsaid word of an unborn. A must read poem for every reader who wants to hear the scream of an unborn.

A simple yet mesmerizing tale of love. Every reader is going to read this story with a smile glued to their face and at the end the readers will realize how efficiently the writer had portrayed every phase of a woman’s life. The writer’s attractive story telling skills makes this story a pure page-turner.

A perfect name for a story like this. From this story all readers can realize how it feels to be a daughter in a men dominating world. The strong narrating style and wonderfully written poems make this story beautiful.

SHE IS WILD By Dr. Sasiprabha PS
This story is come to me a bolt of fresh air. A wonderfully described story, with a perfect ending to it. At times, readers like indirect morals rather than direct ones and this story justifies the statement. By reading every lines of this story, readers can easily figure out that this story is from an experienced writer. Looking forward to read some more of such kind of story from the writer.

I CAN BE A DEVIL TOO By Vinod Pardhi
From the beginning to the end this story is a fast paced one. The story could have been decorated in a better way by improving the standard of language used in it, though readers can look forward to the twist at the end.

BEING WOMAN By Priyanka Choudhury
The simple story perfectly matches the simple name. Apart from being the most short story of the book, this story definitely has something big to offer. At times, I feel this story has been written in a hurry.

SHATTERED DREAMS By Nilesh Gowardhan
With the help of his excellent writing style, any writer can turn a regular plot into an interesting one. This writer’s flaw-less writing style can make readers overlook the drawback of the plot. Any reader can fall in love with the way the writer narrated the story.

In this story the writer very efficiently described how much pain a rape victim has to suffer and brought forward a unique point that would make any reader think. The story seems a bit stretched so if it would have been a bit faster, it could have kept the reader more hooked.

The name of the poem had increase the expectation for every reader and after reading the poem I can very well say that the poet had stood up to the expectation. A wonderful tribute to the infamous rape victim.

The simple narrating style of this writer can make any reader engrossed in this story. The story has a nice start but the end was not that satisfactory which might turn out to be one of the downfalls of the story.

The poet very nicely described various phases of a woman. This poem perfectly ends the book. Kudos to the poet for such a meaningful creation.

I think the story of DR. SASIPRABHA PS and of RIITIK BABBAR’s and the poem of TITIKSHA SINGHAL’s are undoubtedly the best any reader can get from this book. Overall I would like to rate this book 4 out of 5.

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