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Moonlit Matinee - And love takes over: A Review

‘Moonlit Matinee – And love takes over’ the name has perfectly complemented the cover. Any reader can easily pick this book by its wonderful cover. After reading the blurb and the foreword by Nandita Bose any reader can imagine the wonderful journey they are going to have throughout the book.

The back cover says – Welcome this ‘season of Love’ with never before effort by thirteen resplendent writers to pen most fascinating love scripts. Cheer the feeling of love with ‘Moonlit Matinee’ and love takes over. It is an unparalleled concept and the blend of Anecdotes, Sonnet, Lyrics and Ballad. This curbs the tale of Lust, Hatred, Sacrifice and Revenge in Relationship but finally it’s Love which ultimately overshadows everything.

Bon Voyage by Harshita Srivastava
First of all I would like to congratulate the compiler for putting this story on the beginning. A wonderfully written story of Khushi and Akash, which will make every reader smile till the end. The simple narrating style of this story gives this book a perfect start.

Emptiness by Pulkit Gupta
A sweet story with a fresh narrating style makes this story one of the best of its series. The mesmerizing tale of Rachit and Radhika will keep readers spell-bound. Thumbs up to Pulkit Gupta for his story telling skills.

Rasgulla by Abhishek ‘Atul’
The captivating plot of the story will make every reader realize how much a girl have to face, when it comes to marriage. The simple narrating style forces the readers to ignore the downfall of the story.

Wish You Were Here by Ila Garg
A well written story by Ila Garg. Any reader can easily visualize the whole scenario played by Aakash and Vaani. A perfect love story with an unexpected ending.

The Rosemary Letters by Ashish Sharma
It is a story written in a poetic form, a ballad. The story unfolds with its every word. A unique way to show the devotion of Meera to Lord Baanke Bihari.

All I Want Is You by Sonia Kundra Singh
A perfect name for this story. A simple love story of an Army man Abhimanyu and Devyani and how the love of theirs helps them to overcome the complications.

The Love Story by Harpreet Makkar
The story of two lovers and how destiny brings them together. Nice story line but can be narrated in a better way.

The Gift by Ishita Bhown
After facing couples of obstacles, Jiah found Raj. The way the author described the support of Raj is something any reader can look forward to. A wonderful storyline with the perfect ending.

Bollywood Affair’s by Ayaan Basu
This story is definitely going to be one of the best of its series. A different story with matured narrative style. The story unfolds how Farzin and Nishant meet, fall in love and their struggles. Any reader can easily say that Ayaan has done a wonderful job with this story.

Flavoured Smoke by Pratham Devang
This story starts when Aviral and Aisha finds each other after five years, accidentally in an unexpected place. The end is interesting, I think readers going to love the end.

Lyrics of Lavish Rain by Rachna Sheth
Rain is the best thing that can make any atmosphere romantic and the poet perfectly described the feeling of a rain in the form of a ballad. A wonderful composition.

Cupid’s Arrow, Bull’s Eye by Siddhartha Yadav
This story starts with a very good perception but the end could have been better. A triangle love story with a predictable end, though the narrative style is good.

Ehsaas – The Feeling by Pulkit Gupta
Once again Pulkit’s mesmerizing narrating style and hear-touching plot can make any reader glued to the story. The story perfectly supports the name.

An Ode to Relationship by Nandini Garg
This poem at the end makes this book complete. The poet efficiently described different natures of love. This poem makes any reader close this book in a good note.

This book is perfectly edited by Harshita Srivastava and efficiently compiled by Pulkit Gupta. My three favorite stories from the book are from writers Ayaan Basu, Ishita Bhown and Pulkit Gupta (in no specific order). Overall it is a 3.5 on 5 for me.

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