Wednesday, 16 April 2014

MOM is like a GOD

In childhood, we said "MOM is mine, MOM is mine",
And now we are saying "MOM is yours, MOM is yours".
In childhood, we can't live without MOM,
And now, we do not want her.
When someone scolds us, our mom fights with them,
During our turn, we scold our mom.
When something happens to us, she take care of us,
And when something happens to her, we send them to
"Old - Age Home's"
In our whole life we hurted her,
But in return we got blessings from her.
She always prays for our happiness, she doesn't care about
But we are playing with her feelings.
In our life god gifted us many things, but the precious
gift is MOM.
We have to respect our mom and treat her as a GOD.
And don't send your god to "Old - Age Home's".

I lose everything, when I see you.

I want to say to you,
The 3 diamond words,
But I fear that if you reject,
My heart will break
And my dreams too.
I also fear that, if you accept it,
Then I will lose my focus,
And always I think about you.
In the absence of you,
I feel to tell those words,
When you come near me,
I just fear to tell,
Because by seeing you,
I lose my voice as well as focus.
For me you are like my dream girl,
To whom I can purpose in my dreams,
To whom I can dance and hug in my dreams.

I love her, but she loves you.

I love her like my god,
But you use her like a thing.
She loves you and I love her.
You always hurt her,
But I always try to keep her happy.
You always play with her feelings,
But I care for her feelings.
You love her appearance,
But I love her soul.
You always make her feel un-comfort,
Even I and she are friends, but I make her feel comfort.
You hug her just to enjoy,
But I hug her to make her strong.
You hold her hands to show that,
You both are lovers,
But I hold her hand to show that,
I am always with her.
I always love her,
Even though she loves you.
Being a friend I will do my best,
To make her always happy.
I will give everything,
What she needs.
My heart gates are always opened for her.

I still LOVE you

Like others I too loved,
Like others we had a lot of fun,
Like others we fought,
We shared our feelings, thoughts
And like others we cared for each other,
But when the time came,
To prove our love,
You went off by telling that,
You will return soon,
I waited and waited for you,
The world told me that,
You cheated me.
At last I came to know,
That you cheated me.
I replied to the world,
That you are in danger,
I told a lie to save you,
from the world.
I always want to make you happy,
even though you hurt me,
because i love you so much,
And one day you will realize,
my love, my pain, my absence.

You went But memories are with Me

You left me alone and went off,
you left our memories with me,
you left the love feeling with me,
you left the things with me,
to make myself feel like a hell,
Every day every moment,
our memories asking me that you come,
my heart ask me when i will smile,
my eye ask me when i will see you,
But my lips never ask me anything,
it always pronounce you name.
My hands want to hold you forever,
My ears always want to hear you,
My hug is always waiting for you,
My heart will always be for you,
My memories always start,
And ends with you.

                                                    Written by Pk Priyanka

 Priyanka Kumari is a girl from Hyderabad. She was born on 13the November 1995 and now a first year student of engineering in mechanical group in Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad. Priyanka also works as a writer in Bhavishya News Chanel in Hyderabad.

Priyanka loves to write and her pen name is Pk Priyanka. She wants to bring peace in our society by her writing. She always likes to help the people who are in need. She started writing form 6th standard. Her first poems were published in the book of ANTHOLOGY – I am poetry in USA.