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The Emperor's Riddles by Satyarth Nayak: A Review

Name: The Emperor’s Riddles
Author: Satyarth Nayak
Publisher: Amaryllis 
Page Count: 406

The back cover saysMore terrifying than the savage murder of historian Ram Mathur on the ghats of Ganga, are the questions that follow. The letter carved on his face…the cryptic mail he sends his daughter Sia after he dies…more murders piling up. Desperate for answers, Sia turns to esoteric writer and fiend Om Patnaik. But what begins as a hunt for the killer, becomes an extraordinary trail of riddles strewn across the country, that must end at the gates of an enigma…
An ancient enigma so powerful that even gods would kill for it!!!
In another time and space, rules an Emperor who plays with phenomenal forces that make him supreme…who faces these very forces when they threaten the survival of the human race. An Emperor who must ultimately pay homage to the enigma…
As Patnaik and Sia race from one riddle to another, towards a royal secret that has remained alive for centuries…will the final truth save them or destroy them forever?
The path beckons. Can you solve The Emperor’s Riddles?

On the name and the cover:
The book unfolds around ten riddles which will lead the two main protagonists towards a royal secret. The Emperor’s role in the story is equally effective as well as Patnaik and Sia's. So I think this is the best possible name for the story. This name even matches with the number game the author was playing from the very beginning of the book. Full marks for choosing such an effective and an appropriate name.
The cover looks appealing. The green color gives the book a soothing effect when the sword in the middle perfectly resembles the Emperor mentioned in the book. Any reader can easily understand the cause of the one eye on the front cover when he/she completes the book. I appreciate the effort of the designer Sonia Lal, for this fabulous work.

On the narrating style:
When readers pick this book , the first thing that catches their eyes is the comment of ASHWIN SANGHI and AMISH TRIPATHI. This will create a huge expectation within readers before even reading one page. But I must say this debutant writer have done proper justice to their expectations. Some time its scenes reminds me of ASHWIN SANGHI’s THE KRISHNA KEY but the narrating style is fresh and attractive. The way this author has distributed the chapters and all the last lines of those chapters make this book unputdownable. The stunning narrating style and the command the author had on his words will keep the readers on the edges of their seats.

On the story line:
The story starts when Inspector Suri finds Ram Mathur’s dead body on the ghats of ganga and then the story goes around Sia ( Mathur’s daughter) and esoteric writer Om Patnaik started their journey in search of the the killer and why Ram Mathur brought them together. The story picks up its speed when the riddles started coming. In one side of the story when Sia, Patnaik and Television star Jasodhara are solving those riddles to unlock the royal secret, on the other side the author has very efficiently portrayed the story the Emperor plays with the unparalleled forces that will make him unbeatable. In this wonderfully crafted fiction the author had managed to muddle up history, science-fiction, murder mystery and Imagination. I specially love the way the author narrates the whole part of the Indian olden times and the Buddha’s origin legend. Number Nine had played a very effective role in the whole book, starting for the name of his book from the name of his characters, to find out the real mystery one should read the book. As the author says ‘Open your eyes and see’.

+Point: The way the author framed the whole plot and the wonderfully planned unanticipated ending.

- Point: Sometime I felt the author has concentrated a lot on describing things or scenes, though these scenes can easily be ignored.

Debutant writer Satyarth Nayak joins the league of Ashwin Sanghi by his efficiently written breathtaking, fast-paced, murder mystery. A definite page turner and soon turning out to be the new best seller.


A+ (Excellent)      A (Very Good)      B+ (Good)     B (Average)     C (Below Average)

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  1. There's no greater high for a debut author than getting an A+ from a seasoned reviewer like you. Thank you for such a splendid review and loving my book so much. You are perhaps the only reviewer who also gives a critical analysis of the cover art and that's really awesome. Thanks for noticing the finer points of the tale. You truly have a keen eye for details. I wish more and more authors get the opportunity of getting their book reviewed by you. Cheers!!!

    1. Thank you for your humble worlds. We are glad that you liked our effort. Keep shinning.