Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Real Life Goddess

11th May, 2012
At 8.30 a.m.

After they finished the breakfast I served to them, they left for their destination. Meet my son Samudra, an Engineering student and my loving husband Aakash. We are a small family but happy because our dreams are small.

Aakash is the person, whom I’ve liked the most. He is caring, loving and most important he respects me from the bottom of his heart. He always encourages me, and the most incredible thing is his dedication towards our family. He is a perfect gentleman, all girls dream about this kind of person, so I feel proud and lucky for myself. I feel as if I got married just yesterday. I held his hand when he was nothing more than an executive, but now he is an artist.

After 3 years of our marriage we found Samudra. Yes! We found him. But now he is our child. Samudra was from Delhi. We found him on a train. We were returning back from our holiday, we were about to step down at our destination, but we found a boy with dark growing hair, bright complexion - crying. We had launched a complaint to R.P.F.

After 4 months, R.P.F wasn’t able to find his parents, not even his identity. Then we took a big decision of our life, we took his responsibilities, by completing some legal regulations.
Samudra is our child now. He doesn’t know anything about his past. We don’t have that much guts to tell him. Some secrets need to be hidden.

At 12.28 p.m.

The doorbell rang. As soon as I opened the door, I find Samudra there. He gives me a wonderful surprise!!! A bunch of flower and a big sized Cadbury.
And most important he had got a job through his campus selection. I hugged him. Brushed my hand on his head, and … My cell phone rang…

12th May, 2022

The Postmaster asked me why I am spending my last money to send him this letter. I have sent him 120 letters from last 10 years. But still haven’t received any reply from Samudra. I always cursed my fate for all this, why did Aakash leave me? Why did Aakash meet an accident on 11th of May 2012? Why did Samudra get that job? After Aakash left me, it was too tough for me to send Samudra for his internship to Australia; I sold our dream house to complete his studies. I had to spend all of our money for him, to make his career brighter, even I sold my wedding dress only for Samudra.

Now a day, I sleep in the nearby park. Some neighbors give some food to me. They ask why? Why all this?
I only say- ‘I am a mother, he is my son, and this is my love for my child. I can be unhappy, I don’t want him to be, I can cry but my child needs to smile. He shouldn’t stop dreaming. Aakash is in my heart and Samudra is in my breath, how I can stop them?’

Written by
Subhanil Banerjee

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