Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Unwanted Shadow by Bhaskaryya Deka: A Review

Title: The Unwanted Shadow
Author: Bhaskaryya Deka
Publisher: Half Baked Beans Publishing
Page Count: 167

The back cover says: Leaving home and the memories of his past behind was what Mohan intended to do when he left for Delhi. And he is proven right in his decision, because two years later, he sees his dreams shaping up. For some days, it feels to him like he is in a paradise….marrying the girl of his dreams, becoming a recognized writer. What more can anyone wish for?
But this bliss is destined to end soon. For the darkness is almost upon him, ready to engulf everything he loved in its merciless embrace.
Only one person can save him….A friend, an enemy. An Unwanted Shadow.

On the name & the cover:
The name sounds catchy and after reading the whole story I can very easily say that the author had very appropriately chosen this name for this story.

This is a perfect cover for a thriller. I loved the color combination and those two upside down characters which delightfully represents those two characters in the story. A job well done by the designer Sunil Kaushik. 

On the narrating style:
The author has opted direct narrating style to narrate this story, which is an appreciable effort for a debut author. The story is written in a friendly way and the words are very much familiar which will definitely grab reader’s attention.

On the story-line:
The book starts in a good note that will make readers turn pages to know more. The story starts by narrating the childhood of the protagonist who later leaves the village and comes to Delhi for higher studies. The way the author scripted the first love story within a single chapter is commendable. In the middle I felt the author has dragged the story a bit and that can drop the reader’s attention. But as the story goes on the author is able to keep the tension and I can bet the end will leave readers in complete awe. After completing the book readers will definitely acknowledge the author for the way he has framed the whole plot.

+ Point: Authors wonderful narrating style and the speed of the story.

- Point: The middle portion of the book which is a bit slow compared with the rest of the chapters.

Final Words:
The wonderfully framed plot and the fresh narrating style makes this book a complete page turner. An appreciable effort of a debut author.


A+ (Excellent)     A (Very Good)     B+ (Good)      B (Average)      C (Below Average)

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