Monday, 29 December 2014

The Guilt Of A Lie

The guilt of lie is always heavy to carry. A lie can rescue us from a trouble temporarily but the truth can never be hidden. Lying is always an easy escape from any problem but will lead to a dead end where one must regret the decision. My father used to tell me, ‘One easy lie always followed by numerous more and one tough truth can clear lot of hurdles.’ After getting an opportunity to write about an experience, I can recollect only one incident which I regret from the core of my heart.

I was a teenager then and like all others of my age I was careless. That age is always one tough time for any kid, the first glimpse of college, the new attire instead of boring uniforms and of course new friends. My parents always used to tell me to take wise steps but in that immature age my friends decisions and plans are much more important than my parents’ and lying was a style. Like I have done that and I lied so smoothly to my parents that they can’t even guess anything.

My parents was never over protective or stopped me for anything. One day, I along with my friends decided to bunk college and go to a nearby cinema hall because of a Shahrukh Khan movie. I didn’t informed my parents about the plan. I know if I inform them about my plan they won’t stop me. But in that age lying was fun. I thought. Call it fate or my luck but my parents somehow came to know about my bunking college and going to a movie. I still remember the eyes of my mother. He was not angry but hurt. They questioned me if they ever asked me not to do anything or stopped me going out with friends or to movies. My only answer was a pregnant silence and shameful eyes.

That night my father taught me the value of a truth and the wrath of a lie. He told me how shocked they were to know that I lied to my own parents, how one lie can make a man liar for the rest of his life, how one single innocent lie can broke a whole lot of trust. If I could have informed them about my plan or could have told them the truth, that situation can never arrive. That day I learned from him that a naked truth can come with a temporary trouble or after hearing the truth our parents can get mad on us but it will serve a greater good and will reinstall their trust. If I were given a chance I would go back and change that one day where my one lie have hurt my parent.

Note: This is a part of Kinley 2014 TVC and Indi Blogger Happy hour.

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