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Review of 'An Affair to Remember' by 'Harkeerat Anand'

Blurb: Filled with cheesy motivational posters, computer workstations crammed side by side, dumb bosses / blonde's and bored employees looking for a career change - ABCDEF Corp., a software giant, rankles with a sameness of a suffocating software giants existence. Until one man and his best friend take things into their hands.

What follows is a series of misadventures, flushing both men down a pink-caked urinal of self-destruction. Set in a city that once was, in an IT giant that once was, the two men journey through a cobweb of friendship, ambition, embezzlement, crime and most importantly, love. Will they survive ABCDEF Corp.? More so, will ABCDEF Corp. survive them?

Peppy, wild and bitterly sarcastic, An Affair to Remember! is a modern-day retelling of a decades-old classic.

Verdict: ‘An affair to remember’ is the first work by Harkeerat Anand. This book is a piece of art which will definitely entertain the readers. The story line was good and the narrating style was better.

The name of the book is quite good and sounds familiar. May be it is similar to the name of 'A walk to remember' but suits the content of the book pretty good. Though I feel the author could work a bit more on the name.  The cover looks good but can be lost among the numerous number of available fiction novels. Not the best from the deisgner Wasim Helal.

The narrating style of the book is something commendable and fresh. The author has a born story teller inside and could easily take an average story to success. This author has a skill of injecting humor in any possible scenes that can keep the readers hooked. The author has chosen a direct narrative style and wasn’t able to dodge the flaws which comes with this style. In maximum chapters the author had concentrated more on describing what the main protagonist feels and rest of the characters have to take a back seat.

The story line is kind of a super commercial flick which you can enjoy only one time. This book starts on a usual note, a guy in a corporate world surrounded by dumb bosses, stupid and talkative female colleagues and boring male colleagues. This IT giant ABCDEF Corp. has been thrashed by the main protagonist who forms his group with his male colleagues and became self-proclaimed leader of them. I don’t know why those colleagues are following his orders but it looks like they owe him something or he is like a king or something like that. There is also a love story which will make the readers gasp for more in few occasion. The author had tried to create an entertainer by mixing corporate struggle and indian love story and somehow succeed in it but couldn't avoid the boring details.

A good book always contains a rich story line but unfortunately the story line of this book is not so impressive and can be called a bit boring too. The characterization was simple and could have done in a better way. A better crafted character will help the readers to visualize scenes. Judging the book with all its pros and cons, I would say this is a light read and I am sure the author will come with a better book next time and would definitely bag a positive review.

Final Words: This book is an experiment by the author and turned out to be a light read. The humor injected by the author is something any reader will look forward to.

Title: An Affair to Remember!
Author: HarkeeratAnand
Publisher: Srishti Publisher & Distributors
Page Count: 155
My Rating: 2.5/5

Available at –

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