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Review of 'I, Me & Her Forever' by 'Pritam Banerjee'

Blurb: It’s all about Abhishek and Meghna, two teenagers in a fast paced world and highly advanced technologies, Facebook, that they knew each other and in due course of time they fell in love unexpectedly.
Abhishek, a student of St Orient High School, never believed in relationships as to him real love never happened in this world. He was a career-oriented boy who always remained busy with his own life.
Meghna, a student of Ashu Memorial School for Girls, was a charming young girl who never trusted boys as she had lost faith in then due to a betrayal.
Two worlds in two persons, where relationship gets stronger, they were devoted and were truly in love. It’s about their story who were firm, pure and filled with immense love yet they were engulfed with their personal conflicts.
The next part deals with psychological setback of Abhishek and how he overcomes it.
The story deals with love, relationships and break ups.

Verdict: ‘I, Me & Her Forever’ is the debut book of Pritam Banerjee. This book is a full-on love story which deals with the ups and downs a relationship faces and how the couples handles the sequences.

The name itself indicates that this book is going to be a full fledge love story. The blurb and the cover will definitely drag those readers who are searching for a romantic novel. But I believe the book can be design in a better way though I love the quality of the book.

The author has chosen a difficult narrating style in his debut book. I will not say that he had done proper justice to the style because he couldn’t dodge the flaws of this style. Throughout the whole story the author has concentrated only on the two protagonists and haven’t gave any significant role to any other character which seems a bit boring after few chapters. The author lacks maturity in his writing style. I believe the quality of the English could be improved if the book was written in a more patient way.

The characterizations are also quite common and can be found in any regular romantic novels. A guy who doesn’t believes in true love and a girl who has lost his faith in boys, nothing irregular. Even the description styles are clichéd too.

The story line is good and any reader can easily say that this story is based on a real life. I loved the beginning when the author was introducing the characters but got confuse with numerous useless characters. As the story moves on and Abhishek (the male protagonist) and Meghna (the female protagonist) gets into the relationship the books starts to become a bit boring. All the chapters almost tells the same story where sometime they fought and patch up with same enthusiasm and sometime they spent a memorable time together. Though the book ends in a good note and I think reader will love the ending part. The readers can see how a relationship forms in this time of Facebook and Orkut, what they have to face because of theirs personal and academic complications and how they overcome all difficulties and come out smiling.

The narrating style and the quality of the language is the main flaw of the book. Grammatical errors and editing errors were also disturbing the flow of the book. The story line is not so impressive that will force the readers to ignore this flaws. Overall this book is a light read and can’t move out from the tag of Chic-lit.

Final Words: Author Pritam Banerjee has given an impressive effort to pen down a romantic novel. The end will definitely make the readers close the book in a good note. A light read.

Title: I, Me & Her Forever
Author: Pritam Banerjee
Publisher: Smriti Publishers
Page Count: 271
My Rating: 2.25/5

Available at –

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