Thursday, 25 September 2014

Saurbh Katyal brings the most entertaining detective through his novel ‘Seduced by Murder’

When every second author is debuting with a love story with the thought in mind that love stories never loses its charm, here Saurbh Katyal has chosen a less traveled path for his debut novel. There is always a risk of debuting with something different but this author has come out with flying colors. Being in a corporate world to fulfill his professional need Saurbh Katyal manages to steal time to write while traveling for work. And I find this really cool that these guy’s mind works best in cramped liquor joints or in long boring flights.

Saurbh Katyal’s book ‘Seduced by Murder’ is a full fledged detective novel. We are habituated with the scene that the detectives living a luxurious lives and are very much happy with their work. But in this particular novel the author has shown what exactly happens in the life of a private detective. As the author says, ‘Most detectives die young, not from gunshots, but because of pickled liver or malaria.’ This line says it all that most of the private detectives are either jobless or spying on some over doubting wives’ husbands.  This line indicates one more very exciting fact that the author has a brilliant sense of humor, which is very much visible in the book. Every now and then I threw my head back laughing after reading his witty one liners.

The main protagonist or the detective Vishal Bajaj was just the same when he received a call from his long lost love regarding murder in hers husband’s house. The author has very interesting talent of making the readers believe his words. The smooth investigation of the scenes or the way the detective is placing the clues together, one will blindly believe that Vishal Bajaj is the only detective to solve this case. The familiar language is only the cherry on the cake for a book like this.

In a thriller the formula of solving the case is very easy. Being a reader I always try to suspect the character the author ignores the most. But this book ‘Seduced by Murder’ is one of those sums which we can’t solve even after knowing the formula. If you don’t believe my words, try it. Buy a copy and try solving the case before the author does and let me know if you are successful. 

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