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Review of "FlipHearts" by "Saras"

Blurb: Sometimes to win your love, you must lose yourself…
Entirely different souls of Raunak, Aryan and Shahid encounter even more divergent and bizarre problems of love. A nobody all his life, Raunak suddenly finds himself in the privileged confusion of choosing from his sweet first crush and the most popular chick in college. Aryan, a great admirer of the concept of friends with benefits, falls for an uptight, reclusive chick. And doomed to take the nice guy curse, Shahid falls for the vulnerable girlfriend of college’s gangster.
They have their own conflicts as they strive to conquer their respective love interests. If and how they do it is the story of FlipHearts…

Verdict: ‘FlipHeart’ is the debut novel of Saras. The blurb mentions the story to be the story of three friends who are very much different from each other but whose friendship remained unharmed throughout whatever is going on in their respective lives. For what I believe, the cover and the title complement each other very well but the blurb and the cover doesn’t much match.

Talking about the characters, Aryan, Shahid and Raunak are the three different characters of the story who has their lives entwined with the all so different girls in their lives. The best part of the book is that, once you start reading it, you can’t just let it go.

For me, I would say that the beginning is the best part of the book cause once the book picks up the speed, it at places loses the tempo giving it a rough edge towards the story. Moreover, the narration used by the debut author also leaves the readers loving the book all too much.

Another interesting part of the book, for which I may congratulate the author, is for pairing up totally different souls with each other giving the book its very essence. The characterizations have been done so lovely that anyone can relate his/her life to the characters in the book.

The situations all the girls and guys go through in the book is very well relatable to the readers that they fall in love with the characters the moment they read the book. The presentation of the book also speaks a lot about the book and the author for its tough for a debut writer to be so interesting in his first book.

For some, this book might only be a chicklit but I believe, the chicklit portion of the book also makes this book nice. Romance or chicklit is supposed to be known as a safe genre for the writers, especially first timers but the writer has shown how romance can also be broadened into a much wiser and better version.

Teenagers would love the story and the book for the book tells us a lot about the readers and about the mindset of the teenagers of our country today. Through the characters, the author has shown the different kinds of teenagers that our country has.

There were a few errors, which were unavoidable and which made the readers drop the speed and a few of these errors were of the mix and match of the names and pronouns. The author, at places wrote Shahid instead of Aryan, Aryan instead of Raunak, Raunak instead of Shahid and all vice-versa.
In places, if these were correct, the author mistook him for her or she for he and such mistakes catch the readers’ eye very easily and might also be a reason of some readers leaving the book mid way but to those people who keep on with this book till the end would surely enjoy the book and the turn in the events of it.

Final words: The book has a very easy to read and interestingly written storyline which gives the book its real meaning. Would love to read more from the author.

Title: FlipHearts… The Crazy tale of unsure lovers…
Author: Saras
Publisher: Rectitude
Page Count: 200
My Rating: 3.5

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