Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review of 'Bucket List of a Traveloholic' by 'Sarika Pandit'

Blurb: While her B-School batch mates are busy scrambling for top jobs and grades, a restless Sarika dreams of putting on her running shoes and having all the pages of her passport stamped by the age of thirty.

What follows is a frenzied quest of not just collecting stamps but ticking off items off her ever-expanding bucket list: From learning the local language in Spain to an alcohol trail through Greece; from a tryst with Shakespeare and Jane Austen in the United Kingdom to an encounter with the Vampire in Romania; from straddling the border between two countries in the Middle East to a road trip through Morocco to the Sahara; each experience bringing her just a little closer to reaching that final destination on her passport.

A journey of falling in love with globetrotting--this one promises to be one of the best roller-coaster reading experiences you will have this year.

Verdict: ‘Bucket List of a Traveloholic’ is the first novel by the avid traveler Sarika Pandit. This is one unique book which will drag the hidden traveloholic among the readers and will make them see the places through the eyes of the author.

One look at the book and the readers knows that this book is not a fiction but a travel book. The name, the cover everything fits perfect in the genre of this book. Even the back cover features some interesting photographs, which will definitely make the readers sneak a peek inside the book.
I always thought that travel books are boring, just because they don’t have a story to tell. But this book turned my thoughts upside down and after completing this book, I became a fan of this genre. 

Each and every chapter have a new story to tell and a new scene to show. The name of the chapters are make those all the more exotic. After reading first two chapters I turned the pages and started to discover through the index, which countries or how many cities I would visit through this book.

Being a non-fiction book the author haven’t care a lot on the narrating style and go on telling her experiences which I think the best thing of the book. One can feel by reading this that these incidents are true and these words are original. There are cities which we have seen in movies, read in books and there are few which are not. From learning Spanish in Spain, to trying chocolate in Brussels, from testing alcohol in Greece to the wonder country Slovenia, each and every chapter is so beautiful that the readers can literally feel the atmosphere. I envy the boss of Sarika and her luck of finding the perfect partner every time. My favorite chapters or places was United Kingdome and Florence. The clicked pictures at the end of every chapters completes everything.

I loved the way the author described each secnes with perfect amount of humor but I couldn’t deny the fact that there is few chapters also which are not that interesting. May be the place was not so interesting or can be described in a better way. Apart from those few boring chapters this book is roller coaster ride and the more important thing is this book will entertain everyone without caring for age.

Final Words: Being my first in the genre of travel this book made me a fan of this genre. I felt if I could see more places through the eyes of the author, after completing the book. This book will definitely drag out the traveloholic inside you.

Title: Bucket List of a Traveloholic
Author: Sarika Pandit
Publisher: Fingerprint
Page Count: 240
My Rating: 4.5/5

Available at –

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