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Review of 'I was there' by 'Saptadeep & Mamta'

Blurb: Maansi, a simple village girl, trapped within the boundaries of family and honour, is in search for the answers to the queries that haunt her life. Reyaz, a medical intern, living under the burden of a complex relation, tries to understand a world that has failed to understand him.
Their paths cross, but so do their stars and death seems the only escape.
But what if death isn’t the end, but just the beginning of a journey that changes everything you know about yourself.
Unfold the pages to embark on a soul-stirring journey of love, magic, hatred and spiritualism that winds its way through the dusty lanes of Haryana, leaving behind answers that humanity have always sought for.

Verdict: ‘I was there’ is the first work of fiction by Saptadeep and Mamta. This book came to me as a bolt of fresh air. Kudos to the author for choosing such a less traveled path to start their literary journey. Writing a spiritual fiction for their debut novel is not a cake walk but they have proved their worth.

The cover looks simple and very much ordinary compared to the books of the same genre available in the market. If the cover was catchier or maybe designed in a better way, the wonderful content would've reached more readers. The title sounds different and gave a hint of the different content which I think is appreciable. The blurb seems interesting too.

I was quite shocked after reading the very first chapter because it was never expected. A girl, named Maansi, was unveiling her journey after death. The gate of heavens, the judgment, the unanswered questions, everything was fresh and new. The story revolves around Maansi, who was incidentally born as a girl in an uncouth Hariyana family and had to face the wrath for being a girl. Her life takes the worst turn when she falls for a young medical intern. The story goes juggling with her life after death and before death.

The narrating style was something that attracted me the most. The way these debutant authors had described each feelings of Maansi when she was facing the agony in her childhood or what was going on her mind when she was on the verge of meeting the God for her answers. The delicate yet philosophical way of narrating scenes takes this book to a new height. I appreciate the author’s imagination power because of the way they have described each and every details of  heaven, the way to the God or the how God actually looks. The chosen words are a treat to the reader’s eyes.

 The answers that Maansi seeks after her death will leave a lasting effect on the readers even after completing the book. The decision that Maansi takes or the questions that Maansi asks can easily be related to the reality and the readers will love the words of wisdom from the Almighty.

There were some loose ends which should have been tied up till the end and there were a few scenes where the stretched descriptions drops the flow of the story. Few editing errors are also spotted which can be ignored. Being a first timer I would say this two debutant authors have done a commendable job.

Final Words: This debut book of Saptadeep and Mamta will definitely enlighten the readers to the core and will answer many questions which we often seek from the God. The flawless  narrating style and the delightful message at the end makes this one of the best in its genre.

Title: I was there
Author: Saptadeep & Mamta
Publisher: Pen Point Publication
Page Count: 156
My Rating: 4.25/5

Available at –

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