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Review of 'Rainbow' by 'Aman Jassal'

Blurb:Love = Sex? Love+Sex=? Love-Sex=??? Sex-Love=????
This is not a book to teach you about love or how to get a beautiful girl to bed, rather it reveals how bad things can get if you don't set your priorities right. It's a story about the most explored life aspect ' Love' 'Sex'.
YUVI, a pleasure seeking boy, falls victim to the same notorious life facet called love. Simran's beauty sweeps him off from his feet and he leaves no stone unturned to seek her special attention.
As he falls in love, he also sleeps around with all the erroneous girls, and when his fate threatens to take his love down, he promises himself to stop all of this and come out of the wreckage … But then, his past deeds come back to his present, and that tears his life apart. What follows is an uneasy course of getting his love back on board.
The story reveals the life of today's youth, their friendships, feelings, priorities, and ineptitude to handle relationships while not forgetting their turmoil between the two critical facets of life: LOVE & SEX.
Love makes the world go round … Or is it Sex? Based on real life experiences and tea time gossips.

Verdict: ‘Rainbow – the shades of love’ is the first literary work of Aman Jassal. This book is a light read and is written in a youth’s perspective. The famous unanswered question was raised again in this book, is it love that keeps a relationship going or is it sex?

The cover design is ordinary and simple. The readers might ignore this book for its not-so-glorious cover among the n numbers gorgeous covers in this genre. The name sounds good but doesn’t go with the story. Though the author had tried to resonate the name at the end of the story but that is not enough and I would say there was lot more scope to do the same. The back blurb was not that exciting too and one can put the book after reading that. In short, the first impression of the book was not impressive.

The story is about a guy, Yuvi, a stud and an efficient flirt, who can score on every given chance. After his numerous flings and night stands, Yuvi falls for Simran, and the story goes on like that. Even after committing in the relationship with Simran, Yuvi doesn’t stop scoring and sleeps with every girl who gives him a chance from Simran’s cousin to his boss’s wife. After realizing the mistake and being pushed by the guilt inside it Yuvi decided to confess his past to Simran when the story takes a drastic turn and Yuvi has to face the wrath. To know what happens next, one should read the story.

The likable part of the story is the realistic characters. The author hasn’t tried to make them artistic and the mistakes they made or the way those characters converses are very much relatable. I would like to mention those chats while drinking is very much common among boys and would definitely attract youths. But the book lacks the surprise element. The end was good but predictable.
The narrating style of the book is simple and very much in the trend. The simple usage of words and the nice description of scenes can drag the reader’s attention. The contradiction in the protagonist’s head is also shown in a similar efficient manner. Though there are few scenes where the author had the scope to create the magic with his narrating style which was missing and the scenes became dull. I feel the story line was good but can be framed and told in a better way.

A better edited version of the book will surely hook more readers.  I would suggest the author to concentrate more on framing the story and the editing errors to make the novel presentable to the readers. I would recommend this book to those who can try their luck with a not so different light read.

Final Words: The realistic characterization and the simple narrating style gives the book a fresh feel. I appreciate the author for the attempt to convey a credible storyline with an unusual ending.

Title: Rainbow – The shades of love
Author: AmanJassal
Publisher: Teenage Publisher
Page Count:
My Rating: 3/5

Available at –

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