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Review of 'Ri - Homeland of Uncertainty' by 'Paulami Dutta Gupta'

Blurb: Ri – Homeland of Uncertainity – “People from this state sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom for India but who knows about them? These selected chronicles of selected parts of the country, India, has always excluded us, and it hasn’t become self-sufficient yet. For half a century, independent India has only waited for some miracle to happen… and you still have hope?”
Trapped in the limbo between ideology and conscience, Manbha finds himself part of a terror outfit. An unexpected opportunity, anger, squalor and disillusionment –followed by armed combat and injury lead to the soul – searching that form the substance of this moving tale.

Verdict: ‘Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty’ is the adaptation of the national award winning film Khasi flim RI, written by Paulami Dutta Gupta. This book has no desperate attempts to make it entertaining and the authoress has concentrated on maintaining the theme strictly.

The cover has been taken from the movie poster where the faces of the main two leads with their uncertain impression indicate the dark content. The whole black color on the cover creates the perfect atmosphere for the reader to start a book like that. The word ‘Ri’ is a Khasi word, which means Homeland and this book says only about it. Nothing can suit the book better than this name.

The book is small and can easily be completed in one go. It starts very wonderfully with the description of the North east which maximum of us are still unaware of. From the beauty of the states in the north eastern region to the growing amount of terrorism in those states gives the book a head start. The book tells about a character Manbha, a talented young blood, who is leading a terrorist group for a mission which is assigned to him by his boss Steve, to free Meghalaya as a separate state from India. There is one more character Kyndiah, a dedicated police officer, who has sacrificed his family to serve his country.

Framed in the backdrop of a terror struck Meghalaya and the Bangladesh-India border, this story goes around the contradiction on the philosophy of Manbha and that of Emika, a journalist, in whose house Manbha was hiding after getting ditched by one of his team mates. The way the author has written the whole conversation is commendable. This book will force the readers to think from a terrorist’s point of view. The readers will certainly find their answers at the end which might throw them in a state of shock and will love the message lying inside the story.

The narrating style is lucid and effortless. Though I feel, some more descriptions at a few scenes will make this book more interesting. The chosen words are effective yet simple and helps to maintain the flow.

I loved the characterizations that will definitely take this story to a new level. But I felt that the author could have concentrated more on describing the characters. Those who have not seen the movie would surely face a hard time visualizing Manbha, Kyndiah or Emika. Though their characteristics are very much visible from their ongoing conversations which is a sign of a matured writer. The rich content will undoubtedly reach the hearts of the readers but the to the point descriptions might not entertain the mass.

Final Words: The author has done a creditable job in highlighting the life in the north eastern region and have penned down a gripping tale which will leave a lasting message amongst the readers.

Title: Ri – Homeland of Uncertainty
Author: Paulami Dutta Gupta
Publisher: Fablery
Page Count: 127
My Rating: 4/5

Available at –

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