Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Love lasts forever and the cycle goes on... About the author and the book...

Love lasts forever… the name in itself gives much about the book! The tagline-Only if you don’t marry your love adding to the feel of the title. Bestselling author Vikrant Khanna, in his third book has proved how an author is able to improve his writing skills over the time. The book talks about two stories at one time. A story of a captain and of Ronit takes every reader on a wonderful ride. Love, is an uphill climb which needs to be nurtured with loads of love and kindness, the author is able to show that throughout the book in a very subtle way. As the story floats through the river of Somalia, the readers feel a very deep connection with the characters throughout the book. Vikrant, himself being a sailor in real life has indulged his whole experience in the form of words and the book is a witness to his success.

The whole form of putting feelings into words and then making it presentable to the readers has been a treat to read throughout. Through the writing skills, it is wonderful to see the author connecting so well with the readers at every stretch of the book from first till the last. In the contrasting era of clichéd stories, the story Vikrant has offered has been a very engaging tale to watch and know. The author, through his previous novels also had shown love through new eyes and so the same with this novel too, taking it to a whole new level. Given the emerging new competition in the readership market, this book is surely going to keep the readers glued to it emerging as a new light.

Wishing the author loads of luck to the author for this book and for much more after that, we would like to congratulate the author for a very bright future ahead.

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