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Metamorphing by Kunal Pancholi: A Review

Blurb: 28TH APRIL, 2000: Flight No. 9x4876 bound to Srinagar has crash landed into the Everest Base camp. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the flight mysteriously went off the radar for few minutes and missed its landing. All passengers are feared dead… except for three bodies that are yet to be recovered.
8TH DECEMBER, 2050: This, without doubt is the most gruesome murder in recent times. Early this morning, an unidentified woman was found mutilated at the western gates of the abandoned Victoria Terminus Station in Mumbai. Authorities report her head was … well … semi-decapitated and she was drained of all her blood. The shocking part - the crime scene was devoid of any signs of blood spatter…
ROHAN: He was shorter than the shortest girl in school; he had to be ahead in the game!
RUDRA: A man without a past, coaxed into a murder investigation; will he ever grasp the true nature of the crime?
A thrilling tale about two men bound by an untraceable yet undeniable fate - One running away from his past, another unaware of his own.

Verdict: ‘Metamorphing’ is the debut book of Kunal Pancholi. The name itself portrays that this story is going to be an unusual one and the cover perfectly resembles that this is a murder mystery. Any readers can easily pick the book by the cover and the interesting blurb.

This book has been narrated in a different way or I would rather say in a different time line, one is on 2000 and another on 2050. This is not usual to see authors write about what we are going to see in the future, but this debut author has shown the courage to do so, which is appreciable. The story is narrated by two prime characters, Rohan and Rudra. Writing a thriller is indeed a commendable job and the author is able to keep the suspense till the end. The book is divided and short and crispy chapters  will force the readers to complete it in one go.

The story starts with Rohan’s inferiority complex because of his short height and he being strong from inside to resist those taunts. Rohan survived a plane crash and opens his eyes after five long years. As he returns to his family and starts to realize the changes in his body, the story picks speed. On the other hand, there was Rudra, a character who was found in the bank of a river and had lost all his memories but remembers his name. Within days, he found himself indulging in solving a murder case as a private detective in the year of 2050. The description of those places and gadgets in 2050 is a wonderful reflection of the author’s imaginations. Main prospect of a thriller is to keep in the guessing game with readers, which is very much visible in this story and at the end author wins the game. I loved the end and I can easily say that the unanticipated end will make readers bewildered.

The beginning of the story is a bit slow. This story is narrated by two protagonist in alternative chapters, which at times becomes confusing. There are few scenes which can be described in a more delicate way. There are some unnecessary sections which are dropping the speed of the book. But the author is able to end the book in such a way that readers will close this book with a positive response.

Final Words: An appreciable effort by a debut author. There is enough elements of mystery and suspense to keep a reader hooked. Overall an enjoyable read.

Title: Metamorphing – The Hunt Begins
Author Name: Kunal Pancholi
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
No. of Pages: 252 Pages
My Rating: 3.75/5

Note: This review is a part of Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. 

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