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"Writing is the best way to give vent to your feeling" says bestselling author Vikrant Khanna in a chat with Timid Fingers

Here we present a candid chat with the bestselling author Vikrant Khanna. After writing three successful novels, he has come up with his new title 'Love Lasts Forever'. A sailor by profession and a writer by passion Vikrant Khanna opened up how he formed stories while sailing, what inspire him to write his fourth book and a lot more.

Timid Fingers: At first I would like to congratulate you on your new book! Looks like readers are loving it?

Vikrant Khanna: Thank you. I get a lot of mails and messages from my readers and there is a common thread running in all of it – “You’ve given love and relationships a new meaning.” That sort of a response is very overwhelming.

TF: Tell us something about yourself, because your printed author bio is too short for your readers.
VK: I’m a Captain in merchant navy, been sailing for the past decade. I love a great story be it in the form of a book, a movie, or theatre.

TF: It is pretty unusual to see a sailor writing a love story, how come you find your hand in writing?

VK: Being a sailor, I have all the time in the world, both literally and metaphorically. Once during a long voyage crossing the Pacific, I thought of giving a shot at writing, since I have always admired the art of good storytelling. The first draft of my first book was completed in that one month voyage.

TF: First a debut author then a national bestselling author and now author of three successive novels, can you brief us about your journey?

It was a very simple one. Since I loved writing and stories, writing novels came naturally to me. It wasn’t about getting published or belting out bestsellers, rather doing what I loved.

TF: Let’s talk about your new book now, what made you write about the bitter side of marriage?

A friend of mine got married to his girlfriend of seven years. They were the ideal couple for marriage. “This is exactly how a couple should be,” we all would say before their marriage. And a month after the marriage, we’d say, “This is exactly how a couple shouldn’t be.” And then I knew I 
got my idea!

TF: Being a known face in the writing industry, what is your advice to those struggling authors who are yet to publish their work?

My advice would be to not get into this field if you do not completely love writing and if you cannot dedicate 3-4 hours every day to reading and writing. But if you love writing, then read a lot, write a lot, and just don’t quit.

TF: As your previous book was a national bestseller, what expectation do you have for your new title?

My readers should enjoy the book. If that happens it will automatically become a bestseller by word of mouth publicity.

TF: How is experience working with Srishti for the third consecutive time?

Srishti is a very old and established publishing house. They have a good reach and a wide distribution network. It’s always good to work with them.

TF: When we are going to have your forth coming title?

I’m in no hurry for the fourth one. Sometime next year.

TF: According to you writing is?

The best way to give vent to your feelings.

TF: Let’s not bore you more, few words for your readers and obviously few words for Timid Fingers blog...

Please read the book and Timid Fingers is doing a great job in promoting good books. J  

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