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Not Yet To Be Disclosed by Arpit Dugar: A Review

Blurb:What if you do everything again for the first time?
What if you are planning your wedding and you realize that the girl had died before your birth?
This story is about Avnish whose brain works at different frequencies but who never realizes that he feels the eerie sensation of remembering an experience or situation that never occurred. He is an acute victim of Déjà vu.
Déjà vu is a French term which means realization and familiarity with situation with same setting that has never happened before, Avnish experience it.
The urge to know the reality of his Déjà vu experience forces him to explore various places of the world. His explorations drive him to hear-throttling tragedies and come backs. One such experience results fruitful and makes him meet the girl of his life. Avnish sees the turning point.
The story dramatically changes at every stage and keeps the nerves on fire as to what will happen next.
Will Avnish’s Déjà vu experiences lead him to complete his journey for the quest of his love? Or does the reality lie somewhere else?

Verdict:‘Not yet to be disclosed’ is the second successive novel by ArpitDugar. This book is on a very unique concept. The main protagonist Avnish is a victim of Déjà vu which means already seen. The author had done his part of research wonderfully and made a delightful execution.

Any reader can easily guess that this book is going to be a love story by its cover and a different one by its name. The blurb looks appealing and would definitely create an urge among the readers to read the book.

The author had already gained accolades by his narrating style and in this book he is able to keep his standards. While reading the book I felt like I am standing at a corner along with the author and the whole scene is playing right in front of me. The simple words used by the author to portray this story catches the perfect atmosphere. The characters of this story are so familiar that any reader could easily relate with them and the name of those are unique and uncommon. From Avnish to Garvita, Nischay I loved those names.

The story has everything, thrill, love, drama and comedy. Sometime this story will make the readers laugh but at the end it will bring a smile on their face. The Déjà vu concept is very well described by the author. When the readers will be nearing the end they will find out a different prospect where the author had shown the bitter side of the society. But the most interesting part is how the main protagonist deals with such hallucinating disease Déjà vu.

After reading the blurb and the way the book started, readers might feel that the Déjà vu concept can be injected a bit more. At the middle of the book when the love story between Avnish and Garvita starts to pick speed, I felt the author got distracted from the main concept of the book, Déjà vu. A few editing errors might also called as the flaws of the book.

Final Words: Arpit Dugar once again created magic among his readers with his new novel and efficiently introduced a fresh concept of Déjà vu. I would recommend this book to all my readers who in search of a good but different love story.

Title:Not yet to be disclosed
Author:Arpit Dugar
Publisher:Flying Pen Publications
Page Count: 272
My Rating: 4/5

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