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The Twisted Twenties by Deepali Junjappa: A Review

Blurb: As Baz Lurhman once said: “The most interesting people are the one who still don’t know what they want to do.”
It’s okay to be confused in your twenties. It’s okay to NOT know. Are we screwed? The hell we are. Mimi Hittalmani navigates the twisted twenties and finally concludes that it’s ok to goof up, jump courses. Change careers, chat up four guys and bloody well get wasted in life!
Manual for the Twisted Twenties
Stop thinking you are SPECIAL
Don’t tell you parents “Every Damn Thing”!
Date as many people as possible
It’s okay to be a NON-listed person
The Twenties are a rehershal for the Thirties
Get Over yourself

Verdict: ‘The Twisted Twenties’ is the debut work of Deepali Junjappa aka Dipu Darko. This book is all about what a twenty something guy/girl faces, what he/she has to go through. The author has created a character and told his readers how to react to situations through her journey.
The name totally suits the content which shows how twisted twenties are. The blurb of the book reflects the author’s narrating style, which is unique.

From the very first page the author has narrated the whole story in a conversing style, like she is talking to her readers and she can hear them as well. If one is going to check for spellings or rules of writing, they can never get the essence of this writing style. This book is written for those twenties who spells dog as dawg and please as phuleeze to sound it more classy or stylish. This is a reflection of the author’s imaginations and her way of judging matters which many of twenties aren't able to do. The words selected by the author is a treat to the readers eyes and the injected humor will make the book more interesting.

The book is a journey of Mimi Hittalmani (the main protagonist). At first Mimi has to face the drama from her parents then the confusion of choosing careers then dilemma of taking the right decision and a lot more. Through the whole struggle of Mimi the author has explained what actually happens when one enters the twenties and how they find themselves twisted. This book is going to break all those thoughts of teenagers that ‘this happens only with me’. The whole plot is framed keeping in mind a very practical situation and society.  This story has everything for twenties, from their dreams, their dramas, their goof ups, their chats, their social life and finally the free fall.

In the beginning, I felt that this book is all about girls, how they feel or how they react but as the books goes, the thought faded a bit and I realized that this book has something for boys too. Though after completing the whole book I felt that the author talks about girls a bit more or there the feelings expressed in a girly way.  This book is written on the life of teenagers or twenties so people over twenties can found this book a bit boring, because the misery explained in the book, can imagined by twenties only. As a debut work this a good effort put by the author.

Final Words: The narrating (read conversing) style of the author will force readers to turn the page to explore each and every chapter with new lessons. If you are a girl and in your twenties this is the perfect grab for you.

Title: The Twisted Twenties
Author: Deepali Junjappa
Punlisher: Half Baked Beans
Page Count: 188
My Rating: 3.5/5

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