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"My works are not just love stories but a source of inspiration to keep moving ahead in life." says Arpit Dugar in an chat with Timid Fingers

Timid Fingers: First I would like to congratulate on your new book. Tell me something about yourself which your readers can’t find from the printed author bio.

Arpit Dugar: Publishers have done a decent job in writing about the most of me. The few things left are that I am fond of eating and reading, I love riding bike and I am making my own videos on making mathematics simpler.

TF: As your new book has already hit the stands, what made you write about the Déjà vu concept?
Déjà vu is something that surrounds me once or twice a day, so there is a personal attachment to the theme. Also that it happens with everyone, it becomes a generic theme to write upon.

TF: As your first book ‘Nothing For You My Dear’ was a national bestseller, what expectation do you have for this book?

AD: I am pretty confident about the reader’s feedback on this work, they will love the thrilling and romantic ride of this book. I am in conversations with production houses to get it converted into a Bollywood script.

TF: What do you think, are you able to fulfill the expectation of your readers by this book? What kind of response you are getting from your readers?

AD: Till date around 3000 copies have been sold and the feedbacks are good. Readers are loving the plot and the characters.

TF: In the huge crowd of love story writers, where do you place yourself?

AD: My works are not just love stories but a source of inspiration to keep moving ahead in life. Setbacks are there in everyone’s life but that must not stop you moving ahead for larger goals. 

TF: Your first book was published in 2009 and second book is in 2014, can you share this journey with your readers?

AD: The journey had been highly interesting and difficult at the same time. Interesting because of the immense response of the debut work and the expectations to read the next from me. And was difficult as to I am a person who can never write under some pressure or timelines.  So I took my time to complete the script and which took almost 5 years.

But the love of readers and friends was ecstatic and that served as a source of energy for me to give more time to writing.

TF: When you look back in time, do you have any regret or anything you want to change if you are given one chance?

AD: I love challenges in life as without which life becomes meaningless. There is nothing in the past that I regret about, I would rather observe the present more and work for a better future.

TF: Can you enlighten about the ‘’?

AD: is my child. Started with this venture way back in 2006 with a niche idea of providing test series and study material at very minimal costs to the students in the remotest corners of the country.
 Today the idea has turned into a company of 30 employees, 800 corporate clients, 1million+ users, delivering them 400+ products in different languages for competitive and entrance exams.

TF: First it was Srishti, and now it is Flying Pen, any specific reason for changing the publisher?

AD: The lack of trust and no communication with the previous publishers set me off completely. I had no option but to switch. But I will always be thankful to them for giving me the initial start in my literary career.

TF: If you are asked to write anything except love story, what genre will you choose?

AD: The Idea of India

TF: Hope your this book hit the chords among your readers and became a bestseller as well. Few words for your readers and for Timid Finger’s blog…

AD: I love you all and would keep writing for you. Keep reading and do share feedbacks as they help me a lot to mould my ways while arranging the plot of the story.
 Timid Fingers is doing a great job, keep the good work going.

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