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Review of "Cheer Up! The worst is yet to come..." by "Ila Garg"

Blurb: Ishani, a young, pretty and multi-talented girl with a carefree attitude, lives in a world of her own. A girl with small, little dreams; she carries a happy-go-lucky nature. Always surrounded by friends, she loves to help people and is a quick learner. When she gradually tries to find a place in this messed up world, everyone around her starts to lure her, as she trusts easily and can't discriminate between right and wrong. She often falls for masked personalities and camouflaged individuals but it is life, right? It has its own ways to teach its disciples. She makes efforts to bring a smile on every face and wishes someone would do the same for her.
Things come to a halt when she falls in love with an over-possessive guy, Abhay. They part and they meet again. In the meantime, she forms a bond with another girl. Her sole respite is her best friend, Armaan, but then, she has already been hurt, deceived and broken beyond repair. This book is all about her journey of love and friendship; a story of innocence, guilt, pleasure, mistakes, break-ups, success, failure and frustration.
Can a completely broken girl emerge as a winner at the end? Will she be able to unveil the masks? What does it take to judge right from wrong? What surprises life holds in its box for her? Is it ever going to be easy for her to choose or will she continue to stay in her dilemmas?

Verdict: “Cheer Up! The worst is yet to come…” is the debut novel of Ila Garg. As the title suggests the story tells us about a girl whose life is full of surprises and up downs and when she concludes that nothing can be worst then she hears life’s call to cheer up because the worst is coming.

The cover looks catchy with a girl living her life to the fullest without knowing what lies ahead and the purple effect suits the atmosphere perfectly.

This debut author has chosen a very simple style to narrate this story. The whole story is narrated in such a simple way that any reader can easily complete the book in one go. The eye-friendly words and familiar phrases makes this book a light read. I felt a few scenes could have been described in a better way which could help readers to stay glued.

This story starts with Ishani (the main protagonist) enjoying her days in her college with her friends. The author had spent quite a few pages in describing Ishani’s friends which I think was a bit exaggerated. As the story moves on and Ishani falls for a guy named Abhay, her life starts to turn in a different way. The author has very efficiently presented what a girl has to face in a relationship with such guys. This story is all about keeping hope alive. How Ishani deals with the worst situation of her life and comes out with a smiling face will attract readers. One of the beautiful parts of the book was its poems. I would like to appreciate the author for including such wonderful poems.

The story line is common and presentation is also simple. There are quite a few scenes which can drop the speed and readers would have loved it if the author had chosen her words a bit more wisely. Overall this book is an average read. I hope the author will make up for these mistakes in her next work.

Final Words: This story teaches how to keep hope alive after surviving through the worst time of your life. A story of love, friendship, betrayal and the way to move on.

Title: Cheer Up! The worst is yet to come…
Author: Ila Garg
Publisher: Gargi Publisher
Page Count: 190
My Rating: 3/5

Available at –

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