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Kingdom Come by Aarti V Raman: A Review

Blurb: Krivi Iyer is an embittered former spy and bomb defusal expert with only one regret. That he couldn't catch The Woodpecker, a dangerous, mentally unstable bomber who ended his partner's family. He has a second chance to go after his arch enemy with the arrival of Ziya Maarten, the manager of 'Goonj Business Enterprises' in Srinagar, Kashmir, who is alleged to be The Woodpecker's sister.
 Except, Ziya is a beautiful distraction and not a terrorist's sister. When a tragedy in London tears Ziya's life apart, she can only rely on Krivi to give her the absolution and vengeance she needs to move on. Between training to be an anti-terrorist squad member and finding The Woodpecker, Ziya uncovers the secrets of Krivi's tormented past.
But will two tortured souls find the courage to love?
Set against the serene beauty of Kashmir, Ladakh and Tibet, Kingdom Come is a gripping story of death and loss, vengeance and retribution, love and life.

Verdict: ‘Kingdom Come’ is the second work of Aarti V Raman. This book is an acute mixture of romance and thrill. Each and every time the reader turns the page while expecting the next scene, the author opened a whole new chapter. This book is one of those which offers twist in its every chapter.

At a glance the name ‘Kingdom Come’ can bring an unfamiliar feeling but while reading the content and after completing the book readers will have all their queries answered. The cover looks perfect to me with two main protagonists walking towards the kingdom come.

There are a few books which would make the readers think that the language is very easy to write but the readers are going to read this book with envy in their eyes. The way the author has narrated the whole story is admirable for a debut work. The words are chosen so brilliantly that they give this story the perfect atmosphere needed. From choosing the names to framing the characters, everything has been done so well that readers can easily visualize everything.

The story starts with Krivi Iyer, the male protagonist, a bomb defusal expert and an efficient spy, defusing a deadly bomb and rescuing a hostage. A breathtaking scene to start a book and described in such a way that it will grab the reader’s attention. After the introduction of Ziya Marteen, the female protagonist; the book turns in a different way, offering readers a different side of the story. The love story unfolded in this book is one unique and different one, I have read in a long time. As The Woodpecker, the terrorist, starts to show his skills, this book becomes more interesting. There are a few scenes where the readers will have to narrow their eyes in anticipation and a few where the readers will enjoy wholeheartedly.

At few chapters I felt the author has unnecessarily stretched few scenes by describing the feeling of Krivi or what is going on in the mind of Ziya. When the book was heading towards the end the effort of the author to keep the suspense going is visible and the twist in the end was not good as the beginning. But the fluent and smooth narrating style of the author can cover up all the flaws and readers are going to enjoy the whole journey on the edge of their seats.

Final Words: This romantic thriller can hook the lovers of both genre. The rich content and the gripping narrating style will take readers in a journey of a lifetime.

Title: Kingdom Come
Author: Aarti V Raman
Publisher: Harlequin
Page Count: 311
My Rating: 4.5/5

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