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Review of "As Life Has No UNDO" by "Abir Mukherjee"

Blurb: Campus interviews are around the corner for the final-year students of Burdwan Engineering College. Everyone is busy honing their skills at the last minute except Ankit who wishes to see his parents for the last time.
Ankit, a simple boy and mediocre student from a lower middle class Bengali family has only two aims in life – to become a computer engineer per his parent’s wish and to spend his entire life with Shreeja, the lady love of his life. Shreeja is pretty, ambitious and career oriented. What happens when Debdeep walks into their lives?
Does Ankit have more things to lose than he ever imagined? Have you ever loved someone more than yourself? Have you ever felt the need of an undo button in your life?
This may be your story...

Verdict: ‘As Life has no Undo’ is the debut novel of Abir Mukherjee. Undo is such a key that can give us the option to take a step back but life can never give the chance to take a step back. How often we think that if we can go back and re-write that scene in our life, but unfortunately life has no Undo.

The name is so practical and interesting that it is bound to grab the reader’s interest. Every person dreamt of having an Undo button in their life, so what made this author write a whole book on this topic will be the reader’s center of attraction. The book has everything in its jacket that had played an important role in the story.

The story starts with Ankit (the main protagonist) narrating his story to a senior of his in a hospital lounge. Ankit was a normal Bengali boy who unwantedly falls for a girl for whom he had a bet with his friends. Everything was going perfect and they got admission in an average engineering college together. Like all clich├ęd love stories, Ankit also compromises his chance of getting admission into a reputed government engineering college, to study with the love of his life. Ankit’s life turned upside down in the last year of the engineering when Debdeep aka Deba entered into their life. The readers should read this story to know what made Ankit take the ultimate decision of leaving the earth. Is it because of his love Shreeja or his best friend Deba or the expectation of his family or something else?

I found the story-line very common and already told. The presentation style was good but the narrating style is so simple that it couldn’t help the book to stand high in the crowd of romantic novels. I would like to appreciate Abir Mukherjee for jotting down the truth which is very much visible from the story but the lack of description were making the scene hazy and tough to visualize. The author has concentrated a lot on describing his male and female protagonists and by doing that unintentionally he kept all his other characters in the dark.

The author has described the mental state of Ankit in the end quite efficiently and that can make the readers complete the book in a good note. The author could easily replace a few unnecessary details with few more described scenes and that will make the book all more interesting.

Final Words: A love story that unfolded on the streets of Burduwan has a flavor of its own and can give the readers an overview on how love stories blossoms in Bengal. Overall an average read. 

Title: As Life Has No UNDO
Author: Abir Mukherjee
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
Page Count: 301
My Rating: 3/5

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