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Review of "The Sales Room" by "R.T. Manu Ramesh"

Blurb: Rajesh Iyer, a young, ambitious salesperson, returns to The Sales Room of Oregon Software Technologies after an aborted attempt at getting into a business school in the US, only to notice the metamorphosis of the software start-up which he had earlier been an integral part of. What used to be a rat-infested hole in the midst of a vegetable market is now a swanky, state of the art facility owned by an upcoming Bollywood star. The enthusiastic and compact team firing on all cylinders is replaced by a sclerotic and bureaucratic set up. Sales review meetings, once rife with passionate discussions, are now replete with profanities. The ill-tempered angel investor's scream can be heard all the way from his villa in New York.
Rajesh, now shunted into an innocuous role finds every effort made to alleviate the condition of the demoralized sales team, met with resistance. As revenues dwindle and tempers rise, Rajesh realizes he is running out of time and options. He either toes the CEO, Venky's line and becomes party to a sham or quits citing a host of plausible reasons. This hilarious narrative takes the reader from plush corporate boardrooms of Bangalore to the seedy hotels in Delhi as Oregon meanders in search of illusory customer wins. Rajesh meets several interesting characters ranging from the busty Polish graphics designer to the loquacious pimp masquerading as a taxi driver.

Verdict: ‘The Sales Room’ is the first work of R.T. Manu Ramesh. The Sales Room is a book that will give the readers a chance to know how things work with the sales persons or will make them see how the sales department works. From his own experiences the author has very successfully jotted down a hilarious novel.

The cover is exactly what the storyline is. What we non-sales persons know about sales is that the most important matter is to make profit and the cover says it all and will surely attract more non-sales people like me. The name seems perfect to me because it won’t make the reader confused about the content but will give them the exact feel for the book.

Any reader can easily dump the book by concluding that this book is all about sales but I would like to tell them not to, because this book has a lot to offer rather than just the word ‘sales’. The main protagonist Rajesh Iyer came back to Oregon Software Technologies to give his career a new dimension after his failed attempt at MBA. The life of Rajesh will take the readers to a journey where they can notice what a sales person has to do to seal a deal, how much struggle he have to do to save his job (read ass) and that too in a funny way which will keep the readers entertained. From the wire-chewing rats to the vastu savvy boss everything is presented in an interesting way.

The readers will appreciate the author’s observation power because of the way the he has described his scenes and formed his characters. If you leave a bunch of guys in a sales room with loads of target to achieve, the main topic of their discussion in off time will be sex and girls, these scenes are so real that any reader can easily relate to the scene and can visualize everything happening right in front of them.

I would have called this book a perfect entertainer if the author would’ve concentrated a bit more on creating his characters. The extra number of characters in the story line will end up confusing readers. At times the story line fell weak but the author’s humorous narrating style keep the things going. The most important point of the book is, it is different, something out of the box which will force the readers to turn the pages till the end to know what this author has to offer. I spotted a few editing errors and spelling misstates too which can be ignored if compared with the flow.

Final Words: The observation power of the author has taken this book to a new level. This book has the capability to inspire people and will entertain them too. A unique in its genre.

Title: The Sales Room
Author: R.T. Manu Ramesh
Publisher: Leadstart Publication
Page Count: 196
My Rating: 3.75/5

Available At –

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