Sunday, 2 November 2014

Review of 'The Hidden Letters...' by 'Purba Chakraborty'

Blurb: She is a successful author, a loving wife and the world's best mom. Her doctor husband dotes on her, her teenage daughter idolizes her and her readers yearn for her writing. Shouldn't all that respect and love make her happy?
Yet, she is devoid of inner peace. In the wee hours of the night, her slumber is disturbed by horrifying nightmares. All her harmony is abducted and lost amidst the bunch of hidden letters kept in her cupboard. Those letters were written long back by her cousin,presently a patient at a mental asylum in Kolkata.
Haunted by her inner demons and tired by the long-time secrecy, she decides to put end to her misery by surrendering to her husband and daughter, The Hidden Letters. . . Will she lose her husband’s love and daughters respect? Can she forgive herself for her own selfishness which rendered her cousin's fate malignant?

Verdict: ‘The Hidden Letters…’ is the second novel by the bestselling author Purba Chakraborty. I haven’t read the previous work of the author and had fewer expectations from the book, but I must say this book has exceeded my expectations.

The cover looks good but not the best of the design I have seen in this genre. The lady in the cover has pain in her eyes which is reflecting the content of the book. The name sounds secretive but will surely initiate an urge inside the readers to read the blurb. The blurb is written very efficiently and I can very easily say, one can’t put the book down after reading the blurb. The story is wonderfully summoned up in the blurb.

The start of the story gave me a feel that this book is going to be yet another story with kind of same clich├ęd plot. But as the story moved on, I started to admire the skill of the author to frame such a beautiful plot. The story goes around a girl named Anaya Chatterjee, a popular author and a responsible family maker. Her world revolves around Dr. Nishith Chatterjee and Olivia Chatterjee. After giving a single glance their family looks perfect and Anaya looks one of the happiest people on earth. But there is a secret which was taking her sleep and causing her nightmares. What happens when the secret of the hidden letters reveals? What will be the reaction of Nishith after knowing the condition of her cousin in the mental hospital in Kolkata? To find these answers, one should read the book.

The story has different shades of emotions and the author has surely got the correct skills of describing emotion with perfect words. The author has very efficiently described the scenes and the essence of love. The narrating style is simple and suits the story perfectly. I love the way the author has described the feelings of, love, sorrow and hope and that is in details. If I had read the author’s first book I could have known about the author’s lucid writing style.

The characterization in the story is exceptional. The readers can easily guess that the author had taken a lot from the course of her real life. The characters are given pivotal role to carry the story and are described in a friendly way, which will help the readers to visualize them better. The story has a hand full of characters and each one have remarkably familiar characteristics. The readers can easily connect to the story because of its relatable characters. Kudos to the author for making it possible.

Talking about the draw backs, I couldn’t find any specific one. There are few loose ends which can be rectified, and there are few scenes which I think could have been described in a better way. But over all this book is an emotional tale and would keep the readers engrossed till the end.

Final Words: Purba Chakraborty has done a wonderful job in her second book. The delightful plot and the lucid writing style will definitely make this book a best seller.

Title: The Hidden Letters…
Author: PurbaChakraborty
Publisher: BlueJay
Page Count: 187
My Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review.I really liked the way you reviewed it in detail, talking about every aspect of the book. I am so glad you liked the plot and the characterization and I would definitely try to work hard on the loose ends from my next book. God bless you :)

  2. I am glad that you liked the review and coming from a fellow blogger and reviewer, it means a lot. Keep shining and writing such wonderful books. I will be waiting to read your next. :)