Saturday, 8 November 2014

An unexpressed feeling.

A really wonderful topic chosen by the Indi Blogger team for the happy hours they organise and there would be no better opportunity for me to write. I was always craving to write about this.


Talking about my own experience, I was the youngest member of our family of five, with my parents, elder brother and sister-in-law, until there came a new member three months ago. Three months ago, my sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom we named later, Arohan. Our usually quite family became vibrant when the smallest member of our family saw the light of this world. My father who was racing with time and getting old before his age after his massive heart attack last year, found a new meaning of life as Arohan was born on the same date of my grandfather’s death. From last three months my mother’s voice was the loudest while playing with her grandson. There is such a lively atmosphere in my house which I haven’t noticed in years even after the marriage of my elder brother. Then I have realized what a child can do to a house.

In the second month Arohan had to go the doctor to take mandatory vaccines, which will help his immune system to grow. But the problem had arisen when we came to know that it has to be given in the form of injections not medicines and that is also in three rounds back to back in his two tiny legs. We were shivering at the thought of it, but it was for the greater good. He was crying the loudest after returning from the doctor’s clinic. The doc had suggested to rub ice on the legs where the injection had been given. My mother and brother were doing the difficult task. Even we couldn't take ice where there is pain and the kid can’t even say that. He was crying like anything and was the most uncontrollable feelings was that we couldn't do anything to stop that. Every one of us were upset that night. Arohan was lying without making any sound. He was not throwing his legs which we enjoyed the most while playing with him. The smile was vanished from the face of our family to see our child lying numb. The following day was tougher, Arohan’s body was burning with fever. The doc had already informed this was going to happen and gave medicines too. Our often silent house now had become silent that day. We did his favorite stunts which always brings a toothless smile on his face but every time he started crying because of the pain. My elder brother dodged his boss and bunked his office, my father was calling in regular intervals to know about the temperature. It was like we were feeling the same pain as Arohan and had gone silent like him.

The next day we heard his voice again. Arohan was in his regular self from the very beginning. I went to wish him good morning by kissing his forehead and found the temperature was gone and he responded by throwing his legs. We all heaved a sigh of relief in unison. My mother lifted him and threw him in the air which was his favorite stunt and he broke in endless giggles.

It was a small incident and may happen in every house but this made me realize how a child can change the mood of a family. When Arohan remains his regular self, we are the happiest and when the fateful day comes for his vaccines, we are more afraid than him. A healthy and vigorous child always has the biggest influence behind the happiness of a family.

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