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Review of 'When We Clicked' by 'Yash Pawaskar'

Blurb: Two strangers, one city, four days, one night, one lie and a fantastic journey. 'When We Clicked' is my twisted love story. I am Akhil Parlekar, a Mumbaikar in my early twenties. Like every other Mumbaikar I love my city, consider Sachin Tendulkar a God fantasize about Katrina Kaif, but I am about to die.
Before I was dying, I lived my life in four days, when we clicked. It was love at first sight for me, but not for her. I spent the four days with her wandering in the city, thinking that she would fall in love with me, but the night that followed the fourth day, changed everything.
This journey is about emotions like humour, lust, hatred, betrayal, heroism, friendship and the biggest emotion of them all; love. I am letting you in my heart as well as my brain, you be the judge if this is a love story or not.
'You are the protagonist of your life's story, the central character around which all the other characters and incidents occur. When the protagonist of your story changes to someone else, you are in love. That person becomes the central character of your story and everything else revolves around the person you love.’

Verdict: ‘When We Clicked – A twisted love story?’ is the debut work of Yash Pawaskar. This author has got some wonderful story telling skills and the way he has presented the whole plot makes it a show stopper.

The cover looks bright with red all around it. After giving it a close look the readers will find there are few scenes from the story fitted as a puzzle inside a heart and I have found this concept interesting. While reading the book, I kept on checking the cover to see which scene I have already read and which are about to come. The name is not that unfamiliar and gives a feeling that this is going to be another chick-lit novel. The question mark at the end of the title is tempting though. As far the story is concerned the name fits for this story and the tag line too.

The story starts with Akhil (the main protagonist) reciting his life’s last four days, which he claims to be his life’s most sparkling days, spent with a girl named Tamanna. He bumps into her in the Mumbai Airport and ends up introducing himself as a travel agent after knowing that she is here to explore Mumbai. The story goes around Akhil and Tamanna going to various tourist spots and exploring Mumbai. But when the readers have started anticipating the end after completing maximum of the book, there comes the twist which will lead the audience to such an end which they can never expect for a story like this.

The story line was ordinary but which makes this book special is the authors command over the language and his unimaginable sense of humor. From the very first half the author had shown that this book is going to be an interesting journey because of his witty conversing style. Sometimes it was funny scenes, sometimes it was the one liners or sometimes the name of the scenes which made me laugh out really loud. There are authors who can bring smile, but there are very few authors who can bring out laughter from his readers and Yash is definitely one of second group. The narrating style, the Light- Camera-Action style, the stereotyping style, everything was so fresh that it came like a cool breeze. It is definitely a light read but it is one of the best I have read in recent times.

I would have rated this book a bit more if the end was different. The author has presented the book wonderfully to the readers from the very beginning and there were no loop holes in the story but the end was not what was expected from the author. To create the trill the author lost the charm of the book. The end lacked the most important thing that was entertaining them throughout the story, the witty humor of the author. A bit editing errors are also spotted.

Final Words: This is such a book which can change your mood and you will laugh even after closing the book recollecting the scenes. The author has proved, it’s the presentation which matters. A perfect entertainer.

Title: When We Clicked – A Twisted Love Story?
Author: Yash Pawaskar
Publisher: Leadstart
Page Count: 225
My Rating: 4.25/5

Available at –

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