Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review of 'A Tug of War' by 'Yashika Nayyar'

Verdict: A very simple cover of two hands pulling a rope from both ends resulting in the rope to break in a light blue background makes for the cover of Yashika Nayyar’s debut novel A tug of war. Among the so fancy covers available in the market these days, the author choosing for this cover makes this book special in its own way. The first thing that caught my eye in the book was the quality for the paper that is chosen for the book.

For a non-fiction book of this genre the cover seems to be the perfect accompaniment. Coming to the story, the author has chosen a very new format of writing the book by giving story examples to her non-fiction book. I won’t call it a non-fiction book, it is more of a self help book. The author has done her best in writing about life and the several intricacies involved in it.

The poems used in the book as accompaniment gives this book a very lifelike feel. The narrative was also very fresh because it has been written in a very colloquial language. The author has been very kind with her words that the readers should know on his/her path of life. The way that she has described the situations one might face on his/her life is really thought enhancing. One is forced to sit and think about he has just read while reading the book.

The Tug of war has been used intricately in the book. One of my favorite quotations of the book is- “The choice is in your own hands, it’s your turn to choose the road now” The end to the book leaves every reader with a zeal to survive this world and with a smile on their faces. As far as the mistakes are concerned, I felt that there were a few grammatical errors in the book which slows the pace of reading at places.

Apart from that, if the book had been written in a different narrative, it would’ve suited the book to another level. There were a few articulated words which the readers might stumble upon while reading a very friendly written paragraph. A bit more compact version of the book could’ve been the masterstroke for the book. But still the book has potential enough to be a rage among every reader who reads it at least once.

Final Words: The book has the power to change the mind and educate its readers to the fullest. Kudos to the author for penning down such a book in her debut attempt. Waiting for a better version of the book to come up.

Title: A Tug of War
Author: Yashika Nayyar
Publisher: Sanbun Publishers
Page Count: 107
My Rating: 3.5/5

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