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Review of 'It's for you... Mihi' by 'Md. Asif'

Blurb: Have you ever fought for a friend who was bashed badly while running nude on the way?

Have you ever climbed up a building through a mango tree, just for getting her glimpse?

Do you have a romantic girlfriend who follows your words as that of the God?

Have you ever surprised your girlfriend on the bank of a pond outside the town at 12 am?

Have you ever travelled around 1000 km for a girl who broke up with you around 270 days ago?

Have you ever got caught stealing diary of your berth mate in a train?

Have you ever gone under so much influence of a trauma that you tried to attempt a suicide?

How would you react when the reason of that trauma proves to be a fake one?

It’s for you MIHI will take you the journey filled with such overwhelming love story where the pit of your stomach will be sacked by all the emotions known to human world. Your skin will be filled with goose bumps and as you will feel the joys and sorrows you will eventually become the invisible part of this romantic saga.

Let’s join Asif in his
encounter with the love of his life and the listless experiences that came along with the package.

Verdict: ‘It’s for you… Mihi’ is the debut novel of MD. Asif. As the name suggests this book Is a love story and a tribute by the author to his love.

The cover looks elegant and gives the book a perfect look. The font style suits the cover and the two gorgeous and shinning rings dangling from a chain completes the look. The name goes easily with the story. The two rings holds a very important role in the storyline and I would appreciate the author for placing those on the cover. The blurb gives an outline of the story and doesn’t mislead the readers.

The book starts with Asif traveling to Calcutta to find his lost love Mihika. While travelling in the train the protagonist encounters a fellow passenger and soon ends up narrating their love stories to each other. Asif has fallen for Mihika aka Mihi from his school days and the love blossoms throughout the school. There were lots of unanswered questions which will force the readers to turn the pages. Like every second love story in the list, this story too has different sides to enlighten, like Asif’s school friends, his family. What made Asif and Mihi part the ways, why he was traveling to Calcutta to find her, why he wants to apologise to her and what is the significance of the two rings in the cover? The readers will find all these answers towards the end of the book.

The narrating style was simple and ordinary. The chosen words are good but not up to the mark. The author has a good story to tell but if the author have concentrated more on the narrating style this book would have definitely touched the readers heart. The narrating style was very much to the point without describing necessary things which will not help the author visualize scenes.

The characterization is good and almost every characters hold a prominent role in the story but the same problem arises here too. The lack of description makes the characters invisible to the readers. The author has focused a lot on telling about Mihi and the rest of the characters somehow lost the lime light. The conversations are also quite regular and I was unable to find anything new and engaging.

I have spotted few editing errors here and there which needs the author’s attention. The language and the narrating style remains the main downfall of the book throughout the end. The author has penned down quite a beautiful story but the language takes the essence from the book and this book can’t be separated from those numerous Indian love stories. I would recommend this book to all those who are looking for a light read with a good storyline and would not care about the sappy language.

Final Words: The author has a nice story to tell and has framed it in a nice way. The way he has shown his feelings and the meaning of love, will surely attract the readers.

Title: It’s for you… Mihi
Author: Md. Asif
Publisher: Parlance Publishers
Page Count: 217
My Rating: 3.25/5

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