Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Review of 'Life in a Rectangle' by 'Sujit Sanyal'

Blurb: Author Sujit Sanyal rambles down the memory lane in his candid memoir and narrates some revealing, some intriguing and other wacky stories about the advertising world from his Clarion days, his first agency, which he joined as a trainee and whose Kolkata branch he later went on to head.

Verdict: ‘Life in a rectangle’ is a yet another wonderful novel by Sujit Sanyal. This book has a charm of its own which makes this special to the audience.

Any reader are bound to fall for the book at the very first glimpse. The hardbound cover with a colorful jacket looks fascinating. The mention of the compliments this book has got from various eminent personalities on the cover completes the look and will attract the readers. The thing I loved the most is the feeling which one will get after opening the copy, lasts till closing of the book.

Only the author with such credibility can narrate a story like this. The author has narrated a story of that time which created history. Being a memoir of his own life, the author’s detailed description of the condition of advertising industry in seventies and eighties and the life of people of Calcutta is appreciable. Sujit Sanyal’s journey from an employee to the head of the company is definitely worth reading. The mention of the Bengali words inside the story and the constant presence of Calcutta in the backdrop helps me connect with the book but I can very well say that any reader with the urge to read something different can connect with the book.

The narrating style chosen by the author is not a trendy one but goes with the flow of the story. The words are wonderfully chosen and added to the charm of the book. The chapters are short and delicate which will help the readers complete the book in one go. Being a non-fiction, this book makes its way to the reader’s heart because of the flawless narrating style.

The characters are equally well described and came alive at times. The mention of well-known persons of that time will entice the readers to read more.

The eloquent descriptions and the way the author framed the whole plot, reflects the authors command over the language. The book is error free and there is not a single thing to point which disturbs the flow. The teenagers might not like the book because of its different content but apart from that this book is definitely one fascinating read.

Final Words: This book will take the readers to a journey down the memory lane filled with nostalgia. An absorbing read.

Title: Life in a Rectangle
Author: Sujit Sanyal
Publisher: Fingerprint!
Page count: 260
My Rating: 4.75/5

Available at:

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