Wednesday, 10 December 2014

To bring smile in every face

The smile on a child’s face is always as fresh as the warm breeze in a winter morning. No human being can turn their face against a smiling child but now a days this sight is nor more visible in our surroundings. One cannot smile with hungry stomach. And while cleaning a car a for the sake of food and watch children of his same age have the pleasure to go to school wearing shinning uniform and have the luxury to buy or eat anything they want, one definitely cannot smile.

When I came across this initiative by Blogadda I can’t stop myself to write because my one blog post can feed a child for a year. When I step out of the house whenever I turn I can see children working either to help their ailing mother and drunken father or because of the sake of food and shelter. The Mid-day Meal program is one wonderful program to feed the child and bring them to school. I feel only education can improve this situation and I often hear my Kaamwali Bai say to his six year old girl, whom she brings sometime to help her, ‘schools are not going to feed you’. But this program is changing the scenario. Any parent will sent their children to school just because they don’t have to work to earn food and education will be able to reach to all those children who are forced to leave school to earn.

I think education is the only medium which can change the current condition of child labor. When a mother gives birth to a child, she have dreams for him but soon because of their financial condition the child have to drop the school and work for food. But this program meets all the necessity – education and food. If we can educate every child they will not force their next generation to work for food at early age and the scene will change. Only then we can see every child smile and only their smile can bring the lost charm of India.

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