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Review of 'Of Course, We Are Best Friends' by 'Sonia Bansal'

Blurb:  Aditya and Aditi, both bid adieu to their sheltered existence and walk in the world loaded with challenges.
When they began to sketch their perfect ending laden with joys and smiles then all of a sudden…
Destiny gifted them another picture.

Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend..??
If yes, then fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience the most thrilling ride of your life, ride from the love to out of it, from school corridors to college campus blended with a maze of swirling emotions.
A true yet unusual saga of Aditya and Aditi imbued with traces of pleasure crunchy moments of happiness and togetherness.
Beaware!! It may change your definition of love and friendship.

Verdict: ‘Of Course, We are best friends!’ is the debut novel of author Sonia Bansal. The book is yet another tale of friendship and love in the backdrop of high school and college.

The cover looks very simple to me but goes with the title. The cover is not gorgeous enough to drag the reader’s eyes and I feel the book can easily be lost in the crowd of numerous romantic novels by Indian authors. The name sounds good but not intriguing and doesn’t help the book to stand out from the rest. I would say the first appearance of the book is pretty ordinary and nothing remarkable.

As the blurb suggests, the book starts on a regular note with the Aditi (the female protagonist) joining a new school and soon finds out a good friend in Aditya (the male protagonist). Without understanding the depth of the emotion, it was love at first sight for Aditya. An introvert guy at nature Aditya, can feel butterflies in his stomach whenever he talks to Aditi. Soon they became friends and started sharing every tiny details about each other. Like always, after few days Aditi starts to like him and soon they were dating. Their relation faces the problem when they were promoted to college and have to part ways. Can their relation survive the long distance? Can Aditya, who was more involved in the relation, find a solution to save his love? All these answer lies inside the story.

The narrating style is the main force behind the story which will keep the readers engaging. The author seriously got some skills to narrate a story but she have to work on framing a better plot. The narrating style is simple and very much in the trend. The narrating style helps the readers to understand the point of view of both of the protagonists which I like the most. Apart from Aditi and Aditya, the other characterization is not that impressive and would not be able to create any effect on the readers.

The book has few silly spelling mistakes and few grammatical mistakes too which disturbs the flow of the story. The story is not new and very much similar to the high school romance book available. The narrating style is remarkable for a debut writer. I will definitely be looking forward to read from this author in the future. Those who have experienced a school crush or teenage love, can enjoy this story. I would recommend this book to those who are in search of a light and refreshing read after a tired day. 

Final Words: This is a teenage love story with a sweet and simple narrating style. Kudos to the author for her wonderful skill of describing emotions. A light read.

Title: Of Course, We are Best Friends!
Author: Sonia Bansal
Publisher: Blackbuck Publishers
Page Count: 200
My Rating: 3.5/5

Available at –

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